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Hey Newgrounds! At last, my first animation...such a painful hobby yet so rewarding at the end.

One day I was watching a TV show about art and animation, and I heard a guy say that animating is like running a marathon on knees, so frikking true.

This is my entree for the Halloween Flash Contest 2009, i hope you guys can understand and especially...enjoy my animation. I worked pretty hard to finish it and here it is.

Thanks alot to Newgrounds for allowing people to express themselves in every single way.
Additional Audio Credits:
Dances and Dames by Kevin McLeod
Haunting Music by rutgermuller (www.rutgermuller.nl)

EDIT: wow, thanks for all those positive reviews, i didn't expected it would do this good. My flash also made it into the famouse "Frontpage", yay! thanks again.


pretty cool!

thats some very origional looking animation. dont see that often anymore. i liked the music and how it helped greatly with the atmosphere.

Strange But Good

awesome drawing man good first flash :3 some day I will have a flash too

wayyyyy too good to be a first

u sure this your first time or did u just really take your time?cool idea for the grim reaper or whatevever that was.

Pretty good

I think that it's very good for your first animation but I felt that the whole thing went by a bit slow. Next time, speed it up a bit. Otherwise, I really liked the art on the "monsters", so keep up the good work.

Nicely done

For your very first movie I must say this is outstanding work. The animation is very well done and and the story really moved along nicely. It seemed a little short but overall the story is pretty good. The imagery of the underworld is very imaginative and the music overall is fitting.

In general a pretty good movie and I hope to see more from you in the future. Keep up the good work!

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4.24 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2009
7:21 AM EST