El Fin

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Hey Newgrounds! At last, my first animation...such a painful hobby yet so rewarding at the end.

One day I was watching a TV show about art and animation, and I heard a guy say that animating is like running a marathon on knees, so frikking true.

This is my entree for the Halloween Flash Contest 2009, i hope you guys can understand and especially...enjoy my animation. I worked pretty hard to finish it and here it is.

Thanks alot to Newgrounds for allowing people to express themselves in every single way.
Additional Audio Credits:
Dances and Dames by Kevin McLeod
Haunting Music by rutgermuller (www.rutgermuller.nl)

EDIT: wow, thanks for all those positive reviews, i didn't expected it would do this good. My flash also made it into the famouse "Frontpage", yay! thanks again.



The guy with scythe somehow reminds of fathermother from zeno clash.

boricua arriba

t kedo afuego la animacion y mas siendo tu primera. sigue palante q vas bn.

Orgullo boriqua!!!

Q orgullo, q un puertorriqunio este en el front page de un site americano. Sigue asi mano q vas bien. No te di el 10 pq apesar q es muy buena animasion le faltaron varios efectos de sonido, pero por todo lo demas, esta muy bien.

Very Good Animation...

BUT RANDOM AS HELL. Seriously, there was no plot, and creeping people out via plot is key (for me) to enjoying a scary movie.

Proletarian backlash?

I found myself rooting for the death of this corporate peon. Your style recalls the strain of surrealism in Japanese film; I am thinking specifically of Jigoku. Anyhow, nice work and thank you for the intelligent animation.

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4.24 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2009
7:21 AM EST