The Newgrounds Show Ep.1

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Ok I re-made the old NG show with new text color and music and a WORKING re-play button
This did only take 4-6 hours to make so It is still perty good :)
rate 5-10 plz plz plz I need this soooo bad I did so much hard work so rate 5-10 plz :)


im being lenient

ten of ten and 5\5 because i want you to get better at this it seems like something i would want to watch but add voices and make it faster thats all it needs pretty much

UmbreonUniverse responds:

thanks im gonna get a mic soon :)

i give a 3 and 2 for the effort

u really need to add some background
P.S. theres another BGM after the first one,did u know that ?


This was merely a slideshow with music. Please at least use voice acting and make the mouths move. I give you a 1, because it wasn't spam.
Animation: 0/10, there was none.
Graphics: 1/10, these were bad. Use shading and a smaller brush size. You REALLY need some backgrounds. The audience has no idea where the characters are without a background.
Sound: 1/10, there wasn't any except music.
Plot: 0/10, there was no plot. What are the characters' names? Why do they host a "Newgrounds Show"? Why do you stress that it wasn't made by Newgrounds?
Overall: 0.5/10, rounded to 1.
The overall presentation was just awful. You need to work on this. At least make moving animations.
1/10, 1/5

UmbreonUniverse responds:

well i give it a 10 im new too flash so im just trying my best hey this is a beta
any way a scetch i was not planning to add voices cuz i dont have a mic would it be better if i add sound effects?

needs preloader.

And it wasn't really that good. Actual animation rather than 5/6 still images would work better. And voice acting would make it a lot better.

More of a slideshow...

I didn't really get it, and there was no actual animation, like I said, more of a slideshow. It moves slow, but I found it sort of funny, so I gave it a 4/10
Have fun :D

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2.07 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2009
6:28 AM EST
Comedy - Parody