We Just Wanted Candies

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Warning: Watch the original .swf version because some scenes were messed up in conversion from .swf to mp4.

Some scenes are very graphic intensive. You may use right click to change the quality if the movie is lagging a lot.

The credits song is "Burden" by Hania. She is from NG. I am glad people love her song. Check the song list on the left side.

Thanks for watching. Say whatever you like, good or bad. I probably won't reply but I often read the reviews. To be honest I could improve a lot on this movie. I was over cautious of file size.

9/10/2010: I lost my .fla file.


Hit the spot!

This was just what I needed. I was in a "Scare Me" mood and you delivered my friend. I like these kinds of twisted thrillers (not sure if that would be what you would classify it as).

Gerogirl Approves (but might sleep with the light on)

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Art as it's meant to be

I have noticed that the usual art style on this site is simply to entertain. I understand that this submission by the internet's standards is quite old. But there is just something about it that attracts me to it. (Possibly the children...he he he, pedophile jokes)

Yes, this is a Halloween flash, thus meaning that it's supposed to be shocking and eerie. But in my own experience this is easily the best representation of a true surreal artistic piece done in flash. There are no clich├ęs, (I'll let the pentagram slide) no over bearing dialogue, and honestly besides the beginning there is hardly even a mention of Halloween.

These characters are placed in an ever changing odd unexplainable world. I could easily call this an adult Alice in Wonderland. In all truthfulness I don't view this as entertainment, but as a work of art that should be respected and honored for what it is.

I would kill to have more artists like this on Newgrounds...ones that maybe are not all right in the head.

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if u make another 1, ill pay u 100 dollers-more disturbing twists next time though...

Wooh the piano part!

Good movie put together, Sad. The piano bit just got my head twisted lol

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Here's your candy

at first I was really confuse why did they ended up in that horrible place.
but when I watched the end I really feel sorry and sad to what happened to them.
all they wanted is a candy to eat...
One of the Best and Great Movies I've seen^^
hope you make more movies like this.
10/10 you deserve it.
(Good Animation and Sounds and Story)

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4.39 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2009
1:52 AM EST