Jerry: The End

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Here it is, the Last Episode of Jerry. It was a fun series but I think it's time for it to come to a close. Thanks to all the fans of the series and everyone who helped make it possible!

I also included a commentary track for those so inclined to listen to that kind of thing

FUN FACT: This cartoon takes place on November 1st and I'm RELEASING it on November 1st! Can you believe it?!?

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!!!



dont tell me this reflichs your self if you you killed your mom got a what if of a dad and got a gf a 1 of 3 wow


The sincerity in this flash... You've touched my heart. It's very just dramatic and melancholy, so it's quite sad.

That fact that you included a commentary...

Kicks ass. Plus it's rather humble - joining the Newgrounds audience into what you were thinking as the story progresses.

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best series ever

omg jerry speked for his first time :o and his hair is cool at the end

Great way to end off series.

I would like to say I've seen the whole series inside and out. This flash being no exception. When I first saw your series I was actually going over that years Tank award nominees. With the first you gave us good animation but you have reduced your own work to dust with this great piece. You gave newgrounds a end series flash to rival even the most well done flash on the site. Following the series was enjoyable time spent. The story and how you seemed to make each flash flow directly into one another was brilliance. Although you may have shadowed it with humor there really was a deeper story starting with the dad and ending up in death.

=Real Review=
What is there really to say? The animation was top-notch. I think you really got good at facial expressions. Especially the mouth movement. That is what got me right there. It may seem like a tiny thing but I really felt like it was someone talking not just some talk loop. It kept me interested. This is by far your best looking cartoon. It felt like a real actual animator that could do shows for Fox animation. That's all there is to the animation part of it.
Your story was good as well. The way you tied all those episodes together was a good route to take. As more and more was revealed on Jerry's life the more we could begin to reveal on just how Jerry got to the point in his life where he felt he had to kill himself(obviously not the smart choice but the way he was raised I can see how he did). However you did end it really quick and I thought you went after a much too simplistic ending. Riding into the sunset because despite life's worries we'll always have one another? bit much of a cliche. But again rushed as well. I thought something a little more would happen just before the happy ending.(I'm a fan of happy endings so I'll let it slide) The very ending was just the icing on the cake. Ending it as it started put a chill down my spine, good job. The memories that were going through at the end really put the whole series in perspective and we are then able to see, clearly now, how they all come together. One thing though. I think the after credit was a good thing and all but I thought it needed Jacky in it just to sum up that he is truely happy.
While I'm on about story I'd like to say I had laughed many times at this flash already. The humor put into this was well put. I especially enjoyed the look on there faces when the lighting struck. You cast a perfect balance between funny and serious.
The art was well done. The play intro and all that was really classy and how such a great series should go off with. I liked how sometimes you relied on making the characters look like they did in the old flashes and then giving them a whole new look when you needed the dynamic angle. Much like how you did the father in the car.
As for the audio quality. It was clear as a whistle. I had my speakers pushed way up to ears and it was still crystal clear. The voice acting and music were good choices.
On my final note I would like to point out that your commentary was not all I hoped it to be. You really just talked about the vague points of the series. I was hoping you would have gone into detail about the flash at hand. :/

It has been a great pleasure of mine to not only view but also review this flash. It was great in story, audio, art,animation, and humor. You sir have surpassed expectations on good flash. I would love to review some of your other works. I just hope you had as much a good time making it as I'm sure everyone will have fun watching it for a very long time. I look forward to your next great project.You sir, have done a damn good job and you should be damn proud.

Hollowed P.

=Interesting Facts=
-Don't watch this if you haven't seen the rest of the series it will leave you confused. You won't regret seeing the others.
-Don't stop watching after the credits. There is a surprise.
-If you are watching the commentary then don't stop watching even after the surprise. there is an even bigger surprise.

Not enough room.

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