Jerry: The End

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Here it is, the Last Episode of Jerry. It was a fun series but I think it's time for it to come to a close. Thanks to all the fans of the series and everyone who helped make it possible!

I also included a commentary track for those so inclined to listen to that kind of thing

FUN FACT: This cartoon takes place on November 1st and I'm RELEASING it on November 1st! Can you believe it?!?

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!!!



Loved every moment of it! Complete amazingness! Just made up that word to describe it. Loved this flash! I'm sad that it's over though, good job! :D

i cried

its so sad in da begging but his face makes up 4 it

So it comes to a end eh

This has been one of the most famed series on newgrounds you of since made from Jerry telling every story people that have been in the series so great job HotDiggedyDemon you have been always been one of my favorite flash artists. So the end of Jerry.


such a sweet ending to a great series, its sad to finally see this one end

This Is Jerry. What's More To Say?

*NOTE: This Review Is Based On The Entire Series, Not This Flash Itself.

I never thought that this could would become a well known series based on a little cartoon about the closet of insanity, bul low and behold one kid's life has been fully explored through so many perspectives that truthfully the only way I believe another perspective can be seen again would might as well be God's. Truly a great way to say goodbye.

The story is simple yet so confounding thanks to the mostly dark comedy of such neglegence that gives the characters with speaking roles life as well as the constant 3 second reminders that Jerry is being grilled in hell throughout each of the episodes. The animation is kinda cute in it's own way, but could get creepy at times. The backround music was also played at the right level to be heard, but not distracting from the other lines given before interrupted. Overall it's a textbook example of how to make a quality flash movie.

Despite all this however, there is one thing that was constant throughout the whole that stops this series from getting a 10/10: The voice acting. Throughout the entire story, I seemed to hear only four kinds of voices, despite the more numerous characters that actually make an appearance. There was the bratty voice of the bastard son, there was the female voice that seemed to stand for both the Asian, and Jerry's mom, and then there's the infamous man voice of Dad and hobo, which didn't seem to age at least a little despite the things that happen like I don't know, like Jerry growing up 18 years later!
Also Imo, I believed this episode and the episode before this should've switched places. That way, by the end of the flash, the series then reaches full circle, instead of going all Star Wars on us and revealing the prequel last. Don't worry Jerryholics, this did NOT subtract any points from my scoring.

With all it's flaws and strong points revealed, this series is definetly going to be remembered amongst Newgrounders for a very long time. Now whether or not he's actually in heaven or hell, Jerry can now officially rest in peace.

$ $ $ $ $
5 Repeated Suicides Out Of 5
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