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Arc Finale!

And barely making it for Halloween.

Why...would you enter in as yourself in a costume contest? That is what exact Ashe's dad did, and he won third place, and Ashe is not pleased...

I've used my chibis more than I expected as a time-cutting measure, but I still think it turned out alright. I've also left out a lot of little details. There might be a chance that I'll re-release it as a compilation flash with the first episode with some added footage and added effects.


lol thats was fuuny

what else do i have to say????
oh ya i would love to be in one of your videos =3

Very cute

I like how you managed to get a lot of people to do voice work on this. While I haven't seen the first one, I could tell Ashe was the daughter of the Devil. The animation was pretty neat, and it reminded me of Wogoat's work. I will say that I would have liked it if the characters' mouths had moved, especially when they were shown close up in a more realistic way. It was just cute how all of the characters interacted with each other. Despite being about the Devil and Jesus, it was actually fairly ordinary.

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loved the animation

loved the video as well plus settings and characters are well drawn

Very good!

Your settings and characters are well-drawn and colorful. But my favorite aspect was the effort put into the voices; your character's voice actors are phenomenal and correspond to how they look (and how you would imagine their personality). Personally I would have had their mouths move, but that's a non-issue because of the quality of this flash. Very well done and keep up the good work!

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thx for using my song bro!!!

i HOPE it doesn't get blammed. I can't even watch the video because our stupid private school server put a fucking ban on flash. Man next time I go home to see my family, I'm watching this flash no matter what! I just hope that it's not blammed by then. I can't tell if it's a good or bad flash seeing as I CAN'T WATCH IT!!

So I am just using a gratitude of thx.

here's a 5/5 with a voting power of:

5.12 +(0.51)= total power of 5.63, enjoy!!

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Oct 31, 2009
11:52 PM EDT
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