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edit: holy shit this won the 'style award' in the halloween flash off. aces

Some idiot kids decide to throw a get-together in a supposedly derelict house. Boy are they in for a surprise!

this is my entry for the NG 2009 halloween contest - a LOT of love has gone into this flash (the backgrounds alone took a good 3 days), and i'm fucking tired as hell from working on it, but its been worth it. music was specifically composed for it by the incredible shadowfox2 (like deadmau5 but better) and we kept relaying the movie and music back and forth to get everything just right.

this was made in a timespan of 2 weeks (the more critical people on NG will be picking flaws left and right), with university work to do on the side as well. the last 12 hours of oct 30th nearly killed me. never again.




That was amazing. It's no wonder you managed to win with it. Fangtastic job.

Nice one

That castle reminded me of Wiley┬┤s Castle from Megaman :O

Anyways, good job. keep it up!

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That's some slick shit right there

It's blatantly obvious you put a lot of time into making this movie look sexy. You've maintained your unique and original style, but upped the detail exponentially. I dug it, so keep up the good work.

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lenkalamari responds:

thanks broski

epic party

i would totally go


more like hipsterTWEEN lol get it?

Seriously though it was all around awesome. I really dig your colors and style.

next time not blue ball us so much and get some FBF in there ;)

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lenkalamari responds:

67 reviews and finally someone makes the joke i was expecting when i did that title lmao

mm ya seeing as i tweened to high heaven and back in this i'll slam some nice fbf in my next movie. thanks for da review

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Oct 31, 2009
11:21 PM EDT
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