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edit: holy shit this won the 'style award' in the halloween flash off. aces

Some idiot kids decide to throw a get-together in a supposedly derelict house. Boy are they in for a surprise!

this is my entry for the NG 2009 halloween contest - a LOT of love has gone into this flash (the backgrounds alone took a good 3 days), and i'm fucking tired as hell from working on it, but its been worth it. music was specifically composed for it by the incredible shadowfox2 (like deadmau5 but better) and we kept relaying the movie and music back and forth to get everything just right.

this was made in a timespan of 2 weeks (the more critical people on NG will be picking flaws left and right), with university work to do on the side as well. the last 12 hours of oct 30th nearly killed me. never again.



The Fat guy part ruled

It was pretty random but it didn't matter. I really loved your style, very smooth and nice to look at. It's no wonder you won the style award, congrats with that btw. I'd love to see more!

lenkalamari responds:

i don't see what was so random about it - the story is pretty coherent if you ask me

still, thanks dude! more on the way

Great animation !!!

WOW !!! Where did you learn to draw like that ?!?!

lenkalamari responds:

its a mix of many many influences i've had over the past two decades


arrr no its raving red ronny!!! D:

awesome flash tho bro <3 keep up the dayam fine work

lenkalamari responds:

cheers man

I love you

Joell you have been my bro for over a year now and everyday I've nagged and nagged for you to work hard and give it yer all ! This is a masterpiece my friend, the art work is truley sexual and original, the animation is spooky and rather juicy and the whole thing clumps together to form something of such beauty, much like a toasty. Keep working like this and one day, you may ................. MARIO MARIO MARIO

laters mate :) x


I really love the music and the history is very original,

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Oct 31, 2009
11:21 PM EDT
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