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edit: holy shit this won the 'style award' in the halloween flash off. aces

Some idiot kids decide to throw a get-together in a supposedly derelict house. Boy are they in for a surprise!

this is my entry for the NG 2009 halloween contest - a LOT of love has gone into this flash (the backgrounds alone took a good 3 days), and i'm fucking tired as hell from working on it, but its been worth it. music was specifically composed for it by the incredible shadowfox2 (like deadmau5 but better) and we kept relaying the movie and music back and forth to get everything just right.

this was made in a timespan of 2 weeks (the more critical people on NG will be picking flaws left and right), with university work to do on the side as well. the last 12 hours of oct 30th nearly killed me. never again.



Fuckin A lenka

You totally nailed it here. It had a great pallete and the drawings are top notch. Very enjoyable and it flowed perfectly. Loved it all. Nice

B) B) B) B) B)

AGH!!!!! hahahah!

Raving red ronnie!!!!!!

you always make the best halloween flashes dude
this is why british people kick ass

l8s bro and happy hallo fuckin ween!

Really great!

Wow, such a huge improvement in quality since the first Rocket Crotch! Every item from the ground up was drawn super well. My favs being the castle (geez look at all the brick work and shingles!), the portrait art on the walls (I saw a fanged Scrumptious Jack :D !), and the bathroom scene (the door, tiles, and the monster with a red Glowing line work and SO many details in the skin texture). I really liked how you used color and lighting to set up tones and atmosphere, like when they are in the car (all colored a blue hint) to indicate moon-night settings, or like when we go into a purple or green room the people in the back having a purple/green shading. The goblin and ghost duo had lots of personality, and you showed it without a single word! A staple to good character animation is if the audience can read a cartoon in pantomime and you did it great. You had their eyes look like they were thinking and scowling at the invitation, put postures of mischief in their bodies, and finally evil giggling grins to tell the story. Also like the picture with the girl smiling...when it goes back to the scene the picture is empty...then the sexy girl comes in mhhmm I get it ;] .

In the animation I still see a lot of panning of single frame images, but you blended them a lot better than in previous animations. I think it's because you mixed some fbf into them and used the bobs and tween-eases in a smart way by adding them to the beats of the music, so it made the viewer want to bob their heads right along with it :) or at least I did ha-ha! Especially loved the part where the pumpkin head guy is gnashing his teeth up and down to the music and when the skeleton took over the DJ board. That brings me to the music, which had a flow and rhythm just right for this nightclub party in a haunted mansion. You feel the heavy beat and that wisp sound like its traveling with the cartoon and accentuating scenes when they move with it. Also liked how it went muffled in the bathroom scene just like the music was coming from the party itself. So kudos to Shadowfox!

I had to replay this one at least 5-6 times because it was packed with so much eye candy and details that you could catch something new on every viewing! I caught a witch on a broom, a king Dedede face, Red M blood, a shout out to the Stray Targets as the best band in the universe (lol-isn't that your band!? XD), and of course a great number of cameos. I guess the only down side was its short length and the fast speed. There were many times I had wished you'd let the camera sit there for a sec or 2 longer so I could awe at the artwork before getting cut off. And then the cartoon was cut short in the end by the time they started killing... I thought those parts could have been built up more, but given the time constraints of making the Halloween deadline it looks like a hell of a LOT of work went into this baby and it had a solid evil ending (no survivors haha). Overall this was a really great polished (but short) cartoon that was a treat to watch, and worth re-watching. Keep it up man; you're improving a ton! :)

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lenkalamari responds:

haha, it was only a week ago that i re-read your review for RC. thanks a ton cvg, you always give the best crit. peace x

cool man

amazing guy

love this style scrawled

11/10 Fuck you Star Ratings

Jesus Lenko, that was awesome. Some of the best visuals and animation I've ever seen out of you! The characters and environments were rich and the color palettes were well chosen and suited the storyline. Fuckin hipsters. Fuckin Lenko smirks. Well done man, well done. Go enjoy yourself a nice tasty beverage or something, you can rest now.

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