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Potential - Episode 01

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Author Comments

Well, this isn't really a game. It's the first chapter in the Potential comic book/graphic novel series.
It starts a little slow, but don't worry, it picks up! Sorry about the poor quality, but there wasn't much I could do about it with the 10 MB filesize limit.
All feedback is welcome, but I would highly reccomend you finish it before reviewing. At any rate, enjoy!



nice artwork but i agree with little unclear add more colour

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TheYnnub responds:

Thanks, I'll work on that!

Little unclear

This indeed has potential, only a few suggestions from my side to improve it:

-Add color: though black and white has it's charm, my eyes become very tired of looking to it.
-Make the size larger, the comic looked good, but it is almost impossible to read, my mark is based on the looks and not on the story as my webbrowser(s) were unable to give a satisfying look on the letters.

Further than that just keep it up!

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TheYnnub responds:

Sorry about the so-so quality, darn filesize limits...
Did holding down the buttons not help?
And I'll definately try to add color in part 2!


great work kep it up

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TheYnnub responds:

I will! Glad you enjoyed it!


im just getting a wite screen. il try and fix it.(btw im giving u a 7 4 effort)

TheYnnub responds:

Let it wait there for a few moments. It may just be laoding. ;)

This has potential

creativity - 7/10
artwork - 6/10
storyline - 8/10

Well i have a few pieces of constructive advice.
1. Use a darker pen
2. Make your words a little more legible

Or another alternative is use voice acting. It would give your comic a more sound reason for being on newgrounds. You wouldnt waste space in your comic for words, and it would make understanding it a lot easier.
Hope to see your next one!

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TheYnnub responds:

I've been considering voice actors, and it seems that others think that would be a wise idea as well.
And thanks for the point-by-point review! Helps me see areas I need to focus on more than others.

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3.91 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2009
10:39 PM EDT
Action - Other