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Blood Time

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halloween short
it took me forever to creat this, so cut me some slack I have a hangover....

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niiceXD dude, the joke was bitchin, the animation was kewel although what kinda made it kinda crappy was the audio, i mean i thought my hearing was getting worse on meXD so ime gonna give u one o' me most lowest scores ever 9/10 and 4/5, sorry i woulda given ye perfect if the audio was be''er i also woulda lowered ur scores e'en further, but because u 'ad a hango'er i'll cut ye some slack^x^

It was alright

This was a good Halloween short but it did have it's flaws,i was quite impressed with the animation particularly the background but sadly i cannot say the same thing about the voice acting cause the volume was so low compared to the background chatter i couldn't understand what they were saying but other than that it was a nice Halloween flash regardless.

could be better

the graphic were good,the joke was not to bad but what's killing the flash is the poor audio

lemonshaman responds:


Sounds needs work

The joke is obvious but with no sounds its kinda lame.

lemonshaman responds:


good graphics

.. but the voices were too low to understand. okay. I get the joke, but it's the oldest joke of all times.

lemonshaman responds: