Kill Will!

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Kill Will! Get revenge for all the aliens! (I KNOW IT SUCKS. GET OFF MY ASS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.)


good game

rap sucks anyways, I like to the rappers get blowen away.


Ok, so this game isn't all that good. But people shouldn't say that it's the worst one they've ever seen on NG. I've seen some real shit on here. Your concept is good. But you just need to make it longer, have more detail, and harder to beat. I hit like 1 Will out of the whole game and still won...

This really sucked

U cant loose (or its hard to) , its not fun or funny, graphics are the "cut and paste" style. Not a good game.

Not good.

The idea is alright, but it just seems lacking to me. Not a whole lot in the way of options, and it doesn't care if you dont shoot will at all.


Graphics aren't that great, and the sound could be better. That's good news. The concept I have to disagree with. First, I have no desire to kill Will Smith. Second, as I recall, Will's character didn't actually kill any aliens in that movie. It was all Tommy Lee Jones and that lady woman. Maybe the game should have been made about them.

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BadMeetsEvil responds:

It seems like you're missing the point, bro. If you had no desire to "Kill Will", than why did you come to Assassin, and choose to kill him? Second, you are only thinking about Men in Black, have you ever seen Independence Day? He sure as hell kills them in that movie. Both movies though, were pretty bad... also, I wasn't taking shots at the "Men in Black" movie, so why should I make a game about Tommy Lee Jones or that "Lady woman"?

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1.91 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2000
3:27 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person