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Happy Halloween!!!!
Finally managed to complete my Halloween movie in time!!
The movie is pretty dark, you may want to dim the lights.

"A Werewolf enters the sacred place of the Vampires.
A War is unavoidable.
Who will emerge victorious? The Werewolf or the Vampire?"

This is something short i made for Halloween, hope you guys like it.
Special thanks to the VAs, D-mac (Casting and voice directing), Darkwolf, General-Ivan, Antfish and Y.chang for their great voices!
Enjoy the movie!

**If you are wondering why the Vamp owns the werewolf, that guy is actually an amateur werewolf and he can't control his transformation. While the vamp is a good fighter.**


liked the concept

but the animation was a little poor. Also both vampires and werewolfs are grade s creatures vampires a generally stronger but werewolfs have agility and speed. the brighter the moon the faster they are. but there were inside a church which blocks a bit a light slowing it down. anyways good video.

fangs vs claws

good animation but the werewolf would have won hands down, know little blond pretty boy with fangs going to beat a 6 in half foot tall 500 pound werewolf

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why would a werewolf throw a punch?

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not bad

umm i like the fighting part but like some people said its common sense that vampires cant go in churches but some parts are a tad to exaggerated like the are part but rather then that the movie is very great and interesting

needs a little work

It was ok, but during the fighting the punches and attacks came out of nowhere. It kinda seemed like they skipped an attack and went into another one, if u know wut i mean?

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4.17 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2009
4:05 PM EDT