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Oh no!

This is my halloween flash-off entry.

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Man that was awesome, but i got the sense that i just see something evil, maybe im gonna get crazy or something....

Glad to see something different

Chicken and Mexifry have said that it's time that you should so something more different than what you usually do. But I actually think that this is different. In terms of animation style at least. It still has the whole "ambient outer space like colorful" concept that you use in almost all of your movies (except Zimmi probably). But I like it. Because no one else ever does animation like you. I also enjoyed the use of the filter that looked like dirty scratched up glass.

The movie itself didn't have any actual plot but just seemed to describe something fictional in an interesting way. I liked the use of text as dialogue instead of using voices. Because I think voices would ruin the feeling you were going for. And well that's why you don't usually use voices in most of your cartoons. (Once again with the exception of Zimmi). But the new style that you used without any outlining or real backgrounds looks really neat. And I would love to see it used again.

This was more unique than all the other halloween movies. A lot of it didn't make sense. And it seem that all you did to make it halloween themed was tie together a bunch of halloween concepts. Which I also liked. I think if you made it stick to a conventional concept too much it would lose it's zazzle. The only thing I did not enjoy about this was its short length. I was really starting to enjoy it when it ended. I understand you were running out of time and you would either have to submit it that day or the day after that if you wanted to call it a halloween movie. But it was still pretty disappointing. But this flash still impressed me and entertained me. As do most of your movies.

Rutger responds:

Woah thanks man!
Yeah, I've been thinking of what I should do. Listen to the reviews or not. Everybody has completely differen thoughts about my animations, so I guess I'll just keep on going, and take some tips from the reviews (:


Your use of surrealism is superb. A lot of people make "animations" on this site, but you, on the other hand, make art.

Rutger responds:

Thanks a lot man! (:


It was unique, very different than all the other halloween animations. =)

Rutger responds:

thanks man (:


This is great, I love the skull iconography and all the facial expressions. I find you're style is unique and thought provoking, and honestly believe that it has enough range and variation in it to keep making more and more interesting work in the future. Don't worry about peoples opinions, you just keep creating what you want to create! :D

Rutger responds:

aight, thanks man! :3 The skull is my favorite in this movie haha

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3.09 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2009
1:54 PM EDT