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well here it is ma first actual flash with effort and i like it personally since its the best thing ive ever made. only bad thing is i have music but i dont know where to get sound effects. so anyone that can help me with that little issue ill be happy to update this puppy and make it way betta than what it is. well enjoy and let the megaman xy saga begin!!!!!! :)

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This could go places

I'm a huge mark for most things to come out from MMX and MMZ. If this is just an intro to what we could be getting as you get better, keep it coming. Apart from you spending more time on it, don't use FF music. It's really out of place. And nothing against Frewty Lewps, but don't use that beeping dialogue. And yeah, that scale thing jemster211 mentioned. The fight could be better, but that's just because it's your first. Let's see where this goes...

Really needs work.

Fine little flash except for the fact that there's no sound effects, the quality of the text is horrible, and the music is very quiet. Fix those issues and this has the potential to be good.

Nothing too exciting

It seems to have some sort of plot, but the action was very weak. The movie also had an issue with everything looking unsharp, the text was hard to read and so on. The logo was obviously doctored, you should take the time to do a little better editing there, maybe even trace the bitmap for vector sharpness. The scale of the pictures didn't work out well either, it just didn't feel like they where big enough compared to the background. You should also employ a preloader.

Not a bad start.

Way too short though. Nice to see Nightmare Zero. He isn't used enough. He never got any love. Oh well. can't wait to see where this goes.

Not bad for a sprite flash.

I can tell you enjoyed making this. A bit of advice though: if you want to spice up things up, make the dialogue be typed out letter by letter with the Megaman X typing sound effect, just like how the actual Megaman X game was. I always liked that about the game. One last thing, if you can, please make the dialogue interactive with a button that shows up (after the dialogue is finished typing out) which allows the user to continue to the next scene. Some dialogue parts were too fast for me to read.

Take care.