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Lychgate is the old english term for the entrance to a church graveyard.

This is an animation for NG Halloween 2009. I was planning to do something for this flash-off for a while and only started 5 weeks ago. I love horror and strange movies so I thought I'd make a bloody weird animation this year.

This is open to interpretation, or you can just think of it as some weird bloody movie, but I think you can tell that all of the characters are dead. Nonetheless creepers, blood and gore are what I love about Halloween so I dug into my brain, pulled this storyboard out and that's what was going in.

5 weeks of labor made this and I'm satisfied with the result for what it is. I enjoyed making it and hope you enjoy watching it.

Thank you to Heroin Slug, an excellent musical artist who provided excellent soundtracks for me. If you're interested in his work leave me a private mesaage or comment about it below.
Congratulations and thanks to Ixintro as well.
Also thank you to Slanted2, a friend of mine who's been animating with me since the start.
Another thank you to Mrs.Tetor and Mrs.Baldauff from my high school for making it possible to do my last 2 movies in school. I owe them 3 trophies and a giant check from the PA computer fair.

Happy Halloween, Newgrounds.com, I really hope you guys enjoy this.

EDIT: I'm glad people are liking this. It's doing well compared to my expectations. It peaked at a 4.01 (edit: 4.14) and just got 5th place for the day. Yay my first NG trophy! Thanks!

EDIT 2: Thank you for front page, Newgrounds staff. That's another big first for me that has happened with this movie. I'm glad people are enjoying it and I thank the people kind enough to drop a review.

EDIT 3: Broke 10,000 views: A milestone for me. Thanks again for front page.
I'd like to ask the reviewers to be specific with problems they find in the movie. If you don't understand the plot, tell me where you got lost. If you elaborate you become more helpful and will actually help me improve. Thank you to the commenters and the helpful reviewers.



I've decided that I hate everyone that's reviewed this so far.

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MarcK responds:

I'd ask why that would be but you can't really respond without PMing me. That's fine, but it would be nice if you could comment my comment like you can in the posts......
Well anyway thanks for the 10.


But good different it was cool how the animation and different from other animations and perfect for Halloween.

MarcK responds:

I've never heard of different being bad. Normally I see its some other attribute that ruins the differentness. Thanks!


plain weird.

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MarcK responds:



Awesome job.The colors and the violence remind me of Madness and the i liked the art.

Nos vemos!

MarcK responds:

Madness, eh?
Yeah the colors resemble that but I wouldn't say they're similar in any other way.

Good shit

reminds me of this time i boned this girl...
but no for real great animation, the plot flows nicely

MarcK responds:

Thanks, person who apparently bones many girls.

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4.15 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2009
11:15 PM EDT