Defense of Big Green

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Big Green is Under Attack!
Help Mr. No Hands hold back the attacks from High Roller's army. Build cannons by choosing a turtle, a weapon and an ammo type to defend against the different enemies. Don't forget to collect the GOLD to build more weapons.

-Big Green is under attack
-The game starts with 10 life points
-Highroller's Army attacks from the left
-Each enemy that reaches Big Green takes ONE live point away
-Defend Big Green by using the Turtle Cannons
1. Select a turtle
2. Choose a Weapon type (normal, area, and sticky shot)
3. Choose an Ammo type (rings, strings, music, seeds)
4. Collect Gold to obtain more weapons!


Aw ya

I love the show. Mystiique Sonia ftw.



Pretty good but few things

Pretty good, I really like defense games like this, but like the person below me said, there can be improvements.

1. It was really easy: In other defense games I've played, we had to make our own mazes, which required strategy and also the uncertainty of where the enemies will go. It's less fun and less challenging since the maze is already there and the cannons take no time to build. There is no stress on time. Sure, a few enemies move faster, but you can build the turtles instantly. Also, the maze is too short but that doesn't even matter since with simple placement, the enemies die real fast and we can't manipulate the maze.

2. Weapons/power: I do like the idea of ammo affecting the power of the cannons and things, but the enemies don't have any other than maybe speed. I would've like to see the eagles be able to fly over the cannons or the at least the speed to be significantly faster. Also, I got through half the game with using just single shots. The other don't seem to matter much unless you really care about slowing the enemies down. Or at least allow for some options like change in difficulty, special "modes" where the maze isn't pre-made or that enemies are coming from two sides, etc.

Otherwise, the animation was good, bright and colorful. Music was upbeat and nice. Picking up the money was an interesting change, although it seemed more tedious than challenging in anyway. Pretty good overall.

Quite fun, but too short

First! *run*

The game is quite fun, but I have seen much better. The fact that the maze pattern is already made and changes is quite unique and takes away the need to make some huge maze that brings the monsters to the four corners, but also the monsters can't pass where we didn't build a turret, unlike the traditionnal defense game. That's something that I enjoyed.

Also, unlike other defense games, the upgrades are different. Instead of upgrading for higher defense power, they go for a weakness of ennemies. I also enjoyed that, since I didn't have to choose beetween higher firepower or another source of damage. However, I felt it wasn't often worth buying a new type of bullet. Main reason being that the turret would not give priority to weaknesses, so most of the time, he would fire an ennemy strong to his bullet type, which also does less damage than the neutral bullet type.

Last thing, I felt it was too easy and too short. The enemy types didn't have any special abilities, they were all the same, except a bit faster than the previous type (and maybe more resistant too, couldn't notice since they would die too fast). There wasn't many levels neither. I only found it hard at the beginning, since I didn't know we had to move the mouse over the hats thingy to earn gold. That wasn't clear ennough in the tutorial.

Anyway, keep on the good work. I'm sure you can improve a lot.

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3.45 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2009
8:50 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense