RIP splatter 1993-2009

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On October 27th I lost a valued friend forever to a simple accident that should never have happened. This Flash cartoon is a way of showing my grief, and to honor such a wonderful person, sadly snatched from his friends and relatives.

My condolences go out to all that were close to him.

R.I.P. Tristan Rutherford 1993-2009.

I'm sure you're in a better place.

The soundtrack is by HarryJarry. Splatter always loved Harry's works in life; I would like to think that he would want one of his songs played in remembrance of him.

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I think it is a nice idea to make a flash for your friend, but I don't get why. I understand your sad, but you shouldn't make a video about it

Polonium responds:

my grief just spilled into all my art, im still so sad i just wake up and cry for an hour rip


I refuse to believe you. ANY of you. If you're so "hurt" by losing your friend, you wouldn't have made one of these infamouse flame flashes crudely depicting his ACTUAL death. No one truly mourning someone would do this. And you have the audacity to tell people that you hope they quote "get raped in hell" because they point out your hoax? Because they sour your memory of this guy? Your flash is more of an insult to him than anything. But hey whatever gets you views, huh?

Polonium responds:

you're just as bad, if not worse, than all the other insensitive pieces of shit that that have insulted a recently dead friend of ours that we are just trying to honor in the best ways we can.

I hope you die, or better yet, lose a dear friend as well (if you have any, probably not).

if you actually believe this, you are nuts.

Please don't make us wait for more Splatter flashes. :) Just make him dead for a few days, then let us all know it was a joke. Thanks.

The EXIF data on that image reads:

Peter Ash, 16 with his hamster powered mobile phone charged 'Elvis' at his home in Lawford, Somerset. See PA Story. Peter Ash came up with the idea after his sister Sarah complained that Elvis was keeping her awake at night by playing for hours on his exercise wheel. The teenage inventor was given a C for his project and discovered today he had been awarded a D overall for the course. See PA story EDUCATION GCSE Somerset. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Photo credit should read: Barry Batchelor

Polonium responds:

hell, maybe he sent fleek a fake image and he didn't realise it was a joke, there are a lot of pranks thrown around between us guys.

either way, he really died. don't dishonor his memory, please.


wasnt that the guy who maked ghost ride it and walked it out and soulja girl music video so yes rip splatter

Polonium responds:

yes, it was. RIP splatter.

my condolences

sorry bout ur friend.

but there are 2 flashes for him n both depict different deaths.... im confused

are either real or r u guys just makin these outta grief and not incorporating his actual death.

Polonium responds:

there is conflicting evidence as to what happened, this is just what I could glean from his family and law enforcement departments.

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