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Hi, this is my first game on Newgrounds, my first attempt at flash game design. I've never done anything but simple tutorials before so this is new to me :) I know the game is quite basic but hopefully it's fun and challenging and if you guys like it I will add more levels and resubmit.


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I have respect for you

I have respect for you for making a somewhat workable game, but there is ALOT of competition out there. Plus I can be a tuff critic. :0)


Do everyone a favour and don't put your test games up on flash.
The game is ok, needs a graphical overhaul, but it's alright.

Not bad for a start

I am guessing you are new to flash, which is alright I am also new to flash. This game lacks creativity though, and the details are poor, other than that this would be good.

Simple and fun

Good game. Very short and fun time waster. Bravo.

Some problems.

Work on these and you've got yourself a pretty cool game.

1) The slugs dont look like slugs. I dont even know what they look like
2) This game can easily be won because the potted plant is able to move off-screen, which means you can just hide and then duck in and out to grab nearby drops.
3) The background hurts my eyes after a while. Add a pretty picture in the background or something.
4) Something other than "Congratulations" at the end would make me feel like playing this wasn't a waste of time.
5) You could add a counter at the bottom to show how many slugs you've picked up
6) As your score goes up, you should have a small sprout slowly grow relative to the score.

Just some ideas. Good luck :)

TheArchitect responds:

Thanks mate, good advice :)

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2.89 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2009
12:12 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid