Demolition City 2

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Travel all over the world and fulfill demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help. Utilize different explosives and strategically take down buildings without causing too much damage to the surrounding environment.


Something to live for. *,..,*

Of all the games i play this one keeps me coming back, for various reasons. Like the concept of blowing shit up, that's fun, then the idea that you need to actually think about what you are blowning up,i.e: 2 bombs 800 pillars?
I expect more from this series in the future.
Keep making, we will keep playin bra.

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Pretty Good

A very good puzzle game. My only objection would be that perhaps it gets a little repetitive, but the new bombs you can buy generates good motivation. Nice work!


This game is surely addicting, I was playing for Half an hour trying to get past GearVille. I liked the gaming, the graphics, it was surely done by an Expert.

Kept my attention

I like several things about this game. First, it has to do with blowing stuff up. Second, you actually have to have strategy to your bomb placements. Third, not every outcome is the same as before, even if you keep the exact same pattern of explosives. Much like real life. Fourth, there were obstacles that needed to be avoided by debris in order to keep a higher $ score. Also like real life haha. It was straight forward, but still decently challenging (not impossible! :D). Plus, there were things to look forward to in the future (better explosives and new materials of things to blow up and endless combinations of how to put the explosives).

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Pure awesome

It might be a E game but its fun and addicting

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4.37 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2009
1:27 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other