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Flood Fill

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Fill each of the piece of the puzzle with one of the 4 available colours. Don't let pieces of the same colour touch (share a side).

Try and use as few colours as possible when solving a level. Many of them can be completed in 3 or less. (Check the level select menu to see which ones you have left.)

I convinced the artist responsible for the music to join the NG community. Credit has been given accordingly! (Go check his stuff out and tell him to make more :P)

Sorry about the lack of "achievements". If I could give you guys some "medals" for winning I totally would. (Hint some admin should totally give me access to the AS3 Medals API :P)


that was

it needs a sequel though
but still

Sweeet Game, Dude!

Nice game! It was relaxing to play a game that doesn't want to rush me through levels as fast as possible. It's also cool that you don't use a high score system. It allowed me to just enjoy the game and think of a general strategy. Also, great music choice! It goes along well with the bold colors and modern look of the game.

One thing I noticed is that the star system doesn't do all that much besides tell you how well you did. I suppose more could be done with this, but that might ruin the current style of the game. Other than that, it's pretty cool! :D

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Cool game!

I definitely enjoyed it, however it could be a little longer, or have penalties for taking too much time or using too many colors...

Don't get me wrong though, it's a fun game. I just think you could have added a little more to it. Nonetheless, I had fun. Thanks!

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this is so great, it Mondrian to the max!


This game blew me away please make a sequel was f***ing god

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4.23 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2009
10:58 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other