Short: Old Lady

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A little short based on a drawing by Pendleton Ward, yes I am aware pretty much all of the animation is shoddy.


......This is Art

one of the best on Newgrounds. You sir, are a visionary, a gentleman, and a scholar.
I applaud you.

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Wolfenheim responds:


Funny But Too Short

Well I think it's funny but too short a 5 for me

Wolfenheim responds:

i agree, i think if i make more shorts than they'll be more like a minute or so long, thanks for the review


i want my 15 seconds back...
totally lacked content, creativity, and skill.

Wolfenheim responds:

why would you waste further time and thought on a movie you didn't enjoy. if you really feel it wasted 15 seconds of your life, maybe right after viewing you should do something totally awesome for 15 seconds, not take another 15 seconds to write about how you just wasted 15 seconds.
anyway good day to you sir


I have to say i Don't agree with Arcterra.
It's a simple Short, it has it's own little side of humour, and i don't find anything so offensive.. At all. But that's just my opinion. Or probably many other's too.
So you can't say it's a piece of crap when you can't even try to understand or appreciate the flash. Plus, if i were you i wouldn't swear so much just because a Grandma got "Mugged" by a Sandwich Man, in a FLASH. However, i like it, 10/10 + 5/5. Keep up the work :D

Wolfenheim responds:

yeah i dont know how someone could be offended by something this stupid

poor wittle owd wady! she gots beat by a sammich!

oh, so sad <:,(

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3.49 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2009
10:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original