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I made an animation along the same lines, Max found it and asked if I would make one for him, so I did.

Oh yes, Skipping the preloader will play static, so please don't.


WOW! the response to this has been unbelievable, thank you for giving this front page I would have never expected that.

I set the quality to low as a stylistic choice, it's not determined by the speed of the computer it's running on.

But mostly I want to say that I'm sorry to the people who got stuck in a static loop; I intended it as a joke poking fun at those among us who skip the preloaders of flash videos. Rather than disable the right click menu I added the static joke.

It seems some concerns have been raised about the viability of this portal gun, allow me to explain.
It uses the Unruh effect (look it up) to create an artificial black hole that interact with the dent in spacetime created by the tachyon x-ray interaction, then the portal gun proceeds to expand the microscopic wormhole using dark energy (that has a negative gravitational pull) pushing the wormhole open and maintaining the portal. The portal gun utilizes the artificial event horizon and the hawking radiation it produces to maintain operational temperatures.

(145.8 seconds in)


Absolutely Amazing

Seriously one of the best Portal related anything I've have seen.

Animation was insane along with the perspective used at the end. I'm seriously debating with myself as to whether or not some kind of 3D software was used.

The music was awesome as well.

5/5 and Fav'd

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Very catchy

The whole thing was extremely well done. I liked how we were watching it be built. Interesting concept.


Very well made one of the best ive seen. Keep up the amazing animation


The animation was very nice and, though I can't speak of an example, seemed to flow very well with the music provided. I do quite love the pixelated style of the entire movie, it fits very well with GLaDos' synthesized voice, lending to a very computerized feel. It was refreshing to see someone taking a fresh take on Portal movies, like the way you showed the Portal Device being assembled and tested, instead of the seemingly standard 'Cake is a lie' or 'Companion Cube'. Though they were in there, you kept the Cake bit short and sweet, and the Cube was a part of the music provided, so it fit.

The only discrepancy I have is that the music was quite repetitive, and lacked anything often enough to interrupt it. But, I know that the music wasn't your own.

Keep up the good work

"elegant design"

I'm going to be extremely surprised if this is not frontpaged.

Flawless animation and elegant design. Everything just went so well.. also liked the inside jokes, so to speak.

Fantastic. Nice one.

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4.39 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2009
9:05 PM EDT
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