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Hi there, it's my first animation on Newgrounds, I'm so excited c:

This was originally made for Curta Motivo 2009, which is a short movie festival around here. Because of this animation, I have been awarded with a Fernando Monteiro prize.

Please don't blame EdwardtCat for any errors on the translation! It might be my fault, after all, he did a Japanese to Portuguese transation, and then I had to translate from Portuguese to English, and that might have altered the translation a tad!


The animation is about my two original characters, Saturn and Lumi. Saturn is a Pleiade, an alien species I have created that have skin of white, bright eyes and a star-like shape hair on the back of their heads. Saturn wakes up in a starry meadow in the middle of floating islands on space.

Yeah, floating islands on space.

Saturn wakes up with amnesia, and finds Lumi, a very brightful star. They become quick friends and decides to take a trip to our own planet, the Earth.

Even though they have a lot of fun, there's something bothering Lumi. Lumi is being faced by a hard dilemma that she keeps it to herself. Apparently, something horrible happened in the past of both of them. Was Lumi the cause of the amnesia? Or was it something else? Lumi doesn't reveal, because a stronger feeling is pushing her behind. Love. She loves Saturn too much, which makes her dilemma even harder to deal with. Saturn is naive though, and although he feels like Lumi is sad, he doesn't know anything about it.

Even though, Saturn tries to cheer her up and tries to make her forget about her past, because, deep down, he also loves her, but is too naive to know that.

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Very enjoyable. I really liked the whole pixel thing you've got going on. There is also a great use of color here. I kinda get the story line but I wish it were more clear. Between trying to read the lyrics and watching the movie at the same time, I was kinda lost. Also, just a personal preference but I question the choice of song.

Pixels are cool

The graphics with this one are superb. I'm not too much a fan of the song, but it was still an enjoyable flash. I think you could've done more animation, especially at the photos - that part felt a little slow compared to the parts before it.

Other than that, I somewhat regret not reading the description before watching the video. The flash did convey some sort of story to me, but I didn't really understand it too well.

I really like this!

I noticed that you are mostly known for pixel art, but this is pretty badass! Were the graphics outside of the photos imported or drawn directly in flash? With that out of the way...

In terms of graphics, I really like the pixel art approach that you took with this. And you did a great job with the direction and the timing as well. However, it could have used a bit more animation in parts, namely the silhouettes of various people crossing the street. As for the music, even though no audio portal music was used; you did a great job on the selection and the translation is passable. As for the characters, I think they're both cute and awesome at the same time, although Saturn's gender might cause some confusion at first.

What I do like:
-Excellent art
-Great direction and timing
-Top-notch sound selection

What I don't like:
-Could have used more animation in parts, but the directing makes up for that.

Overall: Rokkan-Saturn, how would you like a nine out of ten?

very enjoyable

Very nice, kinda slow. consider yourself grateful for ME giving 10 stars, as I harly do such a thing. if anything, it's the third verse, where the blue dude moves his lips to the music, that looks a bit unnatural, other than that, good job getting to my favorites.

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Oct 26, 2009
3:57 PM EDT
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