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Author Comments

A Point & Click survival horror inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Exmortis.


Very good

I had a little scare...


I was able to figure out most of the game, but somethings were just....wrong.
Like the window at the back of the bus (which, btw, I couldn't see...too dark) and having to make a bag of gas to get a key from a fireplace....-_-. These things just ruined it.

My first time playing I got stuck on trying to pass the scale room...I got the color/number thing on my own, but I didn't know that we had to remove flour from the bag by pressing [-] on the scale...which isn't very intuitive.
I also screwed up once on the last doll once, but I fixed that...

1st time around F (58 minutes), 2nd time S (10 minutes).
And I wish you the best of luck winning this contest...this is by far the most Halloween oriented project I have seen!


I saw Some weird guy in the hall way in the flat he looked a clown or something I think the game glitched:(or maybe not it was also moving like a creature Idunno

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An interesting game, to say the least. Its not often that I get to play with an escape game where you can shoot back.
It was incredibly incricate, and well made. Not very creepy... to me anyway, but good.
Nice touch with the stomach.
The baby crying in the basement didn't scare me so much as it made me feel slight pity. It was a sad, and lonesome cry, rather than one that would chill the bones when heard in a solitary location.

That being said, having seen some creepy stuff during my life, its not as easy to creep me out, so the above statement might be going a bit far for the average joe.

Critic time:
Seeing a ghost in a maid outfit, got a very mixed reaction from me.
My first reaction was, "his facial makeup reminds me of Kiss" (The band).
My second reaction, was to laugh at the fact that it was wearing a maid outfit. >.> Alkward? A bit, yes, but I found that slightly humorous.

As for the guy with the knife, that part got my attention. If for no other reason, then simply because I don't like to die when I go through one of these games, so I searched rather frantically for the way to do him in, and found it successfully.
However, it was incredibly difficult to interpret the method by which to do so, because no matter where you tried to use the bolt cutters, it always said the same thing for me.

"I can't cut it, its too thick" or something like that.

While this is a nice touch, it might confuse quite a few people, though I looked at your walkthrough afterwards, and I believe that it addresses most, if not all of the issues mentioned above, quite nicely.

Therefore, I give you a 10/10. Oddly enough, my critic can't find too many holes to shoot in this one that you haven't plugged up via your walkthrough. Nice job.

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this is one of my favorite games! and i only found one glitch though when you get off the elevator if you click pretty fast you can skip the fight with the last guy and go strait to the ending.

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Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2009
1:40 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click