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TX-15 Dependency

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Author Comments

A Point & Click survival horror inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Exmortis.


Woot! Secret Medal and S Ranking!

That secret medal reminds me of Resident Evil 2 in the STARS office of the police building; check behind the desk 50 times and you get a secret film. Similar thing here. Check the drawer with the "interesting" stuff several times and you get a photo. I think I might revisit RE2 just for old times sake.

Let's see, there's also the two movable statues, like in RE2. The healing items are TX-15 syringes (T-virus also starts with a T). And you encounter the giant blade at the end, a signature of Silent Hill. Finally, that hanging light in the hallway that swings on its own is from the first Exmortis.

I definitely see the inspiration from the three horror game series mentioned in the author's comments. I only take off a couple points because it seemed like this game wanted to be original but somehow fell back to being a clone of previous games. But overall, it's creepy enough to be entertaining.

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Quite enjoyable.

I really like this game, what can I say. I can't say it's scary since I played so much horror games in my life, although I jumped once when an enemy came to me when I opened a new door, forgetting about them after spending minutes sleuthing. But it is VERY creepy. Creepy as in something that gives you chills and makes you shudder. Scary to me is "HOLY SHIT" and attempting to close the game, which Exmortis 2 did to me. It's a nice game for this year's Halloween and the ending leaves you something to think about, something frightening if it really happens.

By the way, nice little reference with the music box. Alexia's song from Resident Evil Code Veronica is beautiful and in the same time haunting.

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good game, i love escape the room type games, but this one was way too dark (visually) to see anything, making clicks completely random and not thought out (cant think "lemme click on that box" if you cant tell that its a box). and i also cannot complete the ga,e. checked the walkthrough. can get myself to the part where it says "jump down the hole" only there is no hole. there is however a spot in the hallway that says "there was a HOLE here but it's gone now" when i click there. maybe a bug or im doing something wrong. i have no idea. so yea, -3 stars for the horrible color contrast and -1 for the hole issue.

OMG i think i craped my self

Scary and spooky i was ecpexting to get killed so many times. it was freaken great though, and it was awsome, as for the end it was cool not expecting it and i though it was lame but the use of every thign was cool. i tried it again and i dies right away after know what to do. i sugest any one who likes scary games or escape the room games play this

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Secret Medal Revealed!!!

Hahahahaha!!!!! "It says on the back of the photo that this is the author. He looks terrifying." Click on the middle drawer 50 times in the corner nightstand in the same room as the TV that cuts on with static, and you'll get the secret photo! ;-)

Great use of simple point-and-click coding along with the cover storyline that eventually makes sense of this spooky drug trip!

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Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2009
1:40 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click