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The Brass Seal: Ep 1E

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The Brass Seal is a privately run, government agency dedicated to fighting crime, this branch being in Detroit, Michigan. This is the final episode of the bank robbery. After killing all the bad guys, the Brass Seal is down to only the lead baddie and a hostage who's proving to be a little more trouble than she's worth. Will they save the day, or will she be shot in the face because the bar has already been open for a half hour.

The exciting conclusion to the bank robbery and opening cartoon I started over two years ago! Watch it, and wait till after the credits too. Do it.

AUDIO NOTE: My CS3 kept rendering the MP3 compressed version with oodles of lag, so I had to take a different route to make sure this one fit in the allotted 10MB, so the audio took a hit. If any one has any info on fixing the lag in mp3 renders I'd love it, and my unexplained mic pops in this version which render for what I can only determine as no reason. Thanks kids.

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now about that ammm

since the first case has ended how about make making the second part ya know

2a 2b 2c .................................

punbeard81 responds:

Trying to get people to pay me for art, instead of selling shoes. Sadly not going well, but believe me I want to make them. Check out my "Dirty Harry 9" if you need a taste of my usual stupid. Now with disney style shading. Glad you liked it.