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The Toad Lock Show 07

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Please make sure to watch the rest of The Toad Lock Show series as well. =3

Hello again! In this episode, Toad Lock and his friends try and figure out how they're going to deal with a dreadful holiday in Locktopia, Ban Day. On this holiday, being unproductive is an offense punishable by banishment from the community. Will Toad be able to subvert this dire fate? Or will he be caught up in the storm of banning for being lazy?

A side note: Ban Day (Oct. 25th) is a holiday over at The Lock Legion just like Lock Day is. However, the difference is that any "active" member of the LL who doesn't submit a passing Flash on this holiday is banned from the forums until they do. It's kind of a little game we play to see who's going to actually go to the trouble of animating something.

Please vote fairly, I worked quite hard on this episode. To date, it is the longest episode yet.

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lol ban hammer y does he need such a big hammer

make # 8 or i will blam all your movies and the sheep are funny



funny shit

man that's the most original comedy Ive seen all week

the songs are cool romanw !

I don't have any idea why you don't like em songs romanw ! I personally think that this series esspesially this episode are awesome I have the thriller song on my computer full (It's called michael jackson thriller) and I personally think that the music graphics voises intros and characters are great! BTW I was wondering when will episode 8 come please if anyone knows plaease send me a private messege thanks ;-)

(title in work)

Very well done, I must admit. Graphically it was pretty simple, but you did a lot with the animation. During the thriller scene I was quite impressed with the simple techniques you used to make it look like they were dancing. The storyline was interesting, and you added a ton of good jokes at the right times. I enjoyed watching this thoroughly, thanks!