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Super Luigi Bros

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A short experiment I made while I was messing about with sprites at some point. There's no loading bar so I advise waiting 10-20 seconds before pressing play. For some reason beknown to me it doesn't always load properly so be aware of this.

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Animation was good but the buttons need repair also environments can use improvement

not bad

good job on the animation, but there are a few things I dont like
1: the next button, its a pain in the @$$ to click on it because its so small
2: you need more background, just ground and black isn't very appeling to the veiwers\
3: wrong setting all together, bowser is almost always in a castle, and the bridge is a bunch of breakable blocks

however, there are a few good things I liked about it
1: preaty good plot, compared to some of the movies iv'e seen on newgrounds, this is a preaty good one
2: definetly entertaning: luigi steals everything from mario, whats not awsome about that (unless you're a hardcore mario only fan)
I better stop typing or ill never stop, but in short, great short, but could be improved.

MVSRemix responds:

Thanks. This was an experimental flash. my new one is coming out way better

Liked the script, but animation needs some work.

I loved the funny nature of the script, which is why I'm giving you a 3, but your animation needs some serious work. Try using all the tutorials scattered about this site, and spend at least a couple days on it before submitting.


it was good, especialy for wat is usualy sent to newgrounds, and i personally like luigi over mario, so nice. maybe voice acting if possible, but i understand how come that can be a problem, but nice job overall

Actually this was kinda fun!

Alright I admit it, this was actually pretty fun. It reminds me of the style of Mario movies when I was a wee Newgrounder. Keep up the good work dude!

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2009
12:53 PM EDT