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A struggling voice actor confronts the world.

(You may need to boost the volume a little bit as this guys voice is a wee bit on the quiet side.)

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I shall be adding to my favorites, N7M6E7 is one of my good friends, and seeing him as a bald retarded psycho is incredibly amusing, but I must ask, do you just go random people's pages looking for ways to make them look... like that? If so, thats freakin hilarious.

sorbitol responds:

HAHA! Thanks for the awesome review! :D

To answer your question, no, I don't usually look for ways of... er... *representing* NG users in unique ways!

Truth is I was just looking through the voice acting demo's for a Scottish accent for a future cartoon.

Most of the demo's were very OTT and theatrical and in amongst them all was this very down-to-earth guy with a very normal voice simply asking if anybody wanted his help.

There was an heroic every-man nature to it all and on a rainy Sunday afternoon I decided to knock out a quick cartoon featuring his VA demo.

This actually got him cast in Artyluck's cartoon who discovered N7M6E7 when he saw this cartoon (he left a review below!). The cartoon was later front-paged!

So some good came of it!

I did speak briefly to N7M6E7 about this toon and he sent me a PM to say he was cool with it- he just wished that I had asked permission first! XD

Oh well. I shall remember my manners in future!

Surprisingly, a handful of people have favourited this, so maybe he'll be cast in a few more cartoons!

He'll have a plaque on Hollywood Boulevard next!

Thanks again for the review, dude!



If you're looking for voice acting work, make sure you let us hear a variaty of voices, since yes, I am looking for voice actors. Send me a message if you got a example of more voices

sorbitol responds:

Looking for voice work?

Variety of ...?


Listen, we seem to have got off on the wrong foot. Seems we're on different wavelengths.
*I'm* not looking for voice work, N7M6E7 is. You can check out his page here;


I'm sure he'd be very happy to help you out.

Me? I've got bigger fish to fry...

Nice animation indeed! :D

I'd love to use your help, N7M6E7! :)

sorbitol responds:

Hee Hee! Thanks mate!

You may have to wait a while for N7M6E7's help as there is a long queue forming!


ehh its ok

the video of course was mildy plain.

and the resume wasnt very intriguing.

youve got a nice animating style i must admit.

and the line
"here is my voice as you can see"
was a little lightening

sorbitol responds:

"resume wasnt very intriguing."

You do realise this is a joke, right?

"the video of course was mildy plain."

It's only 30 seconds long so I'm not going to bust my balls.

Thanks for the fair review, mister!