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Consider yourself one of the lucky ones, prisoner. You've been given the privilege of piloting a JUGGERNAUT.

Each week you will leave your cell to participate in the weeks event. Survive, entertain the crowd, upgrade your Jugger and you might just earn your freedom.


Get all 20 achievements to unlock "Bertha".


WASD - Movement
Space Bar - Fire LEFT side Weapons
Mouse - Aim / Fire RIGHT side Weapons


good but why the keys

why can't you people just uwe the arrow keys to control your games that sucks big time
not everyone has qwerty keyboards you know
besides that good game together with the last stand games :)
pls try to keep this in mind for future games ;)


to much damn lag!!! the lag is so bad you lose money pickups because the screen will just freeze up ... but its a ok game if your into lag its a great game

nice but

i dont like the controls make it customized
too uncomfortable and i wish it was better more zoomed in or somthing

Difficult control with WASD -- prefer arrow keys.

The mech was difficult to pilot. It kept sloshing around. Also, splitting the fire between the space bar and the mouse button was annoying. It would be better to have two side-by-side keys, or keep everything on the mouse button.

Targeting was difficult, and the mech kept slewing left-and-right even when those buttons were not being pushed. Was there a sort of recoil or just some random movement?

Not really very enjoyable, though I stuck with it for a few levels to see if anything was interesting.

Infinite loop

After I click play it just plays the logo over and over again, rated 6 because its probably a good game.

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4.19 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2009
6:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional