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Consider yourself one of the lucky ones, prisoner. You've been given the privilege of piloting a JUGGERNAUT.

Each week you will leave your cell to participate in the weeks event. Survive, entertain the crowd, upgrade your Jugger and you might just earn your freedom.


Get all 20 achievements to unlock "Bertha".


WASD - Movement
Space Bar - Fire LEFT side Weapons
Mouse - Aim / Fire RIGHT side Weapons


Vary Easy with this setup..

Lvl 4 Leg Speed Upgrade
4X Proximity Mine (note mines do 400dmg)
4X Heat Sink

Just run around and place mines on North, South, East,West spawn points.

Other then the easy win, I enjoyed this game and would have played it more if there where more stages..Keep up the good work

Almost perfect

It's a good time waster and a well-done game. Pretty easy to get addicted to.

However, I have a few issues:

-No pause button
-Game slows down sometime.

Try to improve on that next time.

A Juggernaught of a Game

Though it lacks challenge, you guys have shown your ability to cross genres. I've played your Warfare and Crush the Castle games, and this new entry into top-down shooterdom has been a successful one.

First, the good. The graphical design was very well made; it delivered a very grim atmosphere without being over-the-top.

The gameplay was this game's weakest point; the relationship between weapons, their effects, armor, and the concept of overheating were all very intriguing, but I felt like it wasn't vital to have a good mix to win. I found myself not having to make particularly tough decisions on the right combination of gear, weapons, and upgrades.

Regardless, the game atmosphere and the pace of having to swing my turret around to blast the group of prisoners firing rockets at me combined for a fun fifteen minutes. If you can tweak your equipment, or the rate you collect money, you'll have a surefire winner for the sequel. Keep up the good work!

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Nice game

The games good, unfortuantly i could only play three rounds or so. Even on low quality settings this game ran very badly on a decent setup.

Almost perfect

Only thing I love more than mech games are good mech games. This game has it all. Dark attitude, upgrades and mayham. Only thing I was missing were larger battlefields with more variotion than just squares. Traps and such worked quite well, but barrels and outdoor conditions would be good idea for the next game. Also more upgrades and weapons would be nice.

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4.19 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2009
6:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional