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This alarm clock supports/supplies:
military and non-military time,
display of time left,
display of time alarm is set to,
display of current time,
flashing colors,
the ability to mute the beeping,

EDIT: Fixed stupid bug which OF COURSE only revealed itself once I had uploaded it. There is another one that I will not tell about because it is a secret. No one would notice except me. There is a feature I would like and some confusing UI issues caused by the time of day at which this was posted, but besides that nothing further has exploded.


It helped me telling what time it was, so i din't get late to my job, it really helped me

(Btw thats a lie)

Tick tick tick...

Its a clock. This is extremely obvious to you, me, and the other viewers. I guess you did well as far as that goes. That being said, its a clock and therefore has no entertainment value. I have clocks in many places: on the desktop of my computer, on my phone, in my room, on my XBox 360, etc. Whatever. The point is that there is no reason for a clock to be on this site. Why would I log on to Newgrounds to look at a clock, even if it tells me the military time. I really don't know what to say other than the fact that this really doesn't belong on here.

shaymus22 responds:

One word: alarm.
Two words: Gadgets - Other
Three words: Everything. By everyone
Four words: think before you speak.

Now you know how to count, tell time, and you have an alarm clock so you don't miss that appointment. I'm just overflowing with usefulness.

Huh... What fun...

This is... a nice clock, but it's kinda just a clock, and nothing else. It has novelty, but it should do other things, like have a calendar feature or something.

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shaymus22 responds:

It doesn't just tell time, it's also an alarm.


Just curious.
you got your point out.. just might wanna show people how to use it.

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Oct 23, 2009
11:59 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other