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Hi again Newgrounds! I'm submitting this in it's purest state, straight after finishing it up for a school deadline. If it looks a tad unpolished it's because I spent the whole night last night finishing it and I really haven't had the time to make this stellar.

Anyway enjoy it if you will, and leave a review if you please.

I also did all the music in case anybody was curious.

More Detail: The film is for a Cinema Arts class in which everyone else did live-action camcorder movies. I chose to do animation and thus had to do a lot more work in certain cases, plus I created my own musical tracks and everything. I'm not telling you this for sympathy, I just have it here for anyone who wants to know why it might not be the best thing I've done yet. lol

Have fun! ^-^

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Pretty good!

Quite unique, I like it.

Good or bad first? Bad? Okay :P

Bad: The music was repetitive, playing over and over like it did. Try to find different music that will still work :D Also, there were chasing and fight scenes... those ALWAYS need to be fast-paced. It makes it more exciting and fun to watch for the viewers. Fight scenes are supposed to be climactic, not slow.

Good: It was all very well drawn and the sound quality was great. The storyline topped it all off as well, really cool!

Anyways, hope my critiquing helps (And I hope I spelled critiquing right...) So, nice animation, hope to see more from you!

Chrome-Demon responds:

Thanks for the tips on speed and such, I agree that some of the scenes, particularly the chasing one, were pretty uninteresting. Also, I'm definitely going to make a better fight scene the next time I make a movie that needs one because as you said it's not particularly climactic or exciting.

Thank you for enjoying the creativity and art though, I was really wondering how the story and ideas would play out and it seems like a lot of people enjoyed them.

Much thanks for your review, and you are most certainly spelling and doing 'critiquing' correctly! :D

I like the music

it worked well with the animations

Chrome-Demon responds:

Haha thank you I'm glad that all worked out the way it did! :D

Well now.

Definately one of the more origional flashes I've seen. I didn't like the fact that all of the characters were the same exept for thier faces or size. It drags on in the beggining. The end was a little disapointing to. Regardless, great flash 7/10.

Chrome-Demon responds:

Yeah the characters being all so similar was pretty cheap on my part, I'll admit that. :P

Also, sorry the beginning is really, really slow, I pretty much just had it that way because I couldn't think of more to put in and I wanted it to go along with the music. The ending was just another issue with time constraints and such, if I had started this earlier it probably would have been a bit clearer and more interesting, but right now it was a little lacking as you say. :3

Thanks for the review, I'll improve on these things the next time I make a movie! :D

Crazy Cakes!

Super awesome. very original that's the best part. realy creative.
however the bum bum music kinda got really repetitive. that beat proabably coulda used a little more spice.. maybe. All in all great flash

Chrome-Demon responds:

I was worried the music would get humdrum, so thanks for letting me know! XD

I'll be sure to add a bit more "Spice," to it next time, promise!

Thanks for mentioning it's creative, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Also, thanks for reviewing my film! :3


I really like your way of animating, it was cool. Though Chainsawmurderer53 said there was no clear storyline i think the fact that you are very original makes up for it. I have never thought of walking elevators that go to a temple with humans with one red eye. Keep up the good work. Try with a clearer storyline( let everything else be the same though) and the next time i review you i promise you i'll give you 5/5 and 10/10. I would love to know how you made the music...and i hope you get a good grade in cinema arts. :D

Chrome-Demon responds:

Okay, I'm going to make sure my next movie is much clearer in its storytelling! :D

Thank you so much for liking the originality though, I wasn't sure if I had gotten it from somewhere or not. I really liked that movie the Iron Giant, and I wanted to make the Elevators like the Iron Giant but it just didn't turn out that way due to my time limit. The Iron Giant just had a lot of emotion and you could sympathize with it because it was so human, and had I had more time I would hope I could have breathed a little life into my little metal creations.

Also thanks for wishing me a good grade, I hope I get a good one too!

Thanks for your thoughtful words, I hope to improve my storytelling next time! ^-^

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4.14 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2009
3:06 PM EDT