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reddit 2d

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A dumb game I made featuring the reddit alien as a playable character.

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fuck that

It honestly isn't bad as a platformer

It's just stupid, that's all! lol

Where'd the idea of using bacon come from? Would it be possible to use the Twitter Bird, the Fail Whale, or other Social Networking or social archiving characters like Digg or Reddit in the future if you decide to continue?


A) Make an ingame mute button. I'd like to listen to my own music without this stuff blasting out of my speakers.
B) Nevermind A. Just scratch this game and try again.
C) Scratch B. Focus your life towards something more important. Like a job. Or a hobby.

thank god!

For the MUTE button on my computer i hate the song


Its dumb and primitive...but it made me play and play. Omg...What must i do with da head?