Mac vs. Pc in Spanish

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Hello hello!!!!

This is my very first submission to the flash portal ever!! So don't give me to much grief.

The fallowing is my first serious animation. I, in no way shape or form, speak Spanish fluently. My take on the apple Mac Vs. Pc add campaign was created solely for a Spanish class that I am taking at my school.

I am just thirteen, in the seventh grade. Other students my age are taping their spanish project but I am the only pupil to animate mine.

Let me know if you want subtitles.

Oh!! and did you notice what linux is holding???

An IPOD!!!!

HA HA ha ha HA!




This would have possibly been funnier if one could understand the Spanish, or if there were subtitles...
For it being your first animation, the artworks not that bad. I've seen way worse.

No se entiende

Se supone que están hablando en español, pero yo no entiendo ni la mitad de lo que dicen, y menos a Linux. Te he puesto un siete en mi nota porque pone que está hecho para un trabajo de clase, así que me imagino que no era que tenías una patata en la boca, sino que no hablas castellano. Muy bien el argumento. :)

If you don't understand the paragraph above, tell me and I'll translate to English.

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SmallEnterprises responds:

Thank you for the insight. What was this about a potato?

Not bad for your first submission

In fact, it's pretty good. The only criticism is the music on the menu makes the menu stand out more than video itself. However that's not that big a deal, I was mainly pointing it out. The artwork and animation are good. It's a bit short but since it's based on a TV commercial, that's to be expected. Good job.

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SmallEnterprises responds:

Why thank you!!!! Finally some moderately good feed back. I salute you sir, or madam. It is hard to tell when I can only use your profile picture for reference.

I feel so giddy!!!!



No hablo espanol, yo soy blanco!
Nice idea, but you threw Linux in. That deserves a ding.
The voices could probably have been done a little better. It definently sounds like you did it yourself.
But the animation was great, and the idea something notable. But dissing Linux is wrong. Just because it's open sourced, only the people who know how to work it can, and it does not support many programs and applications that are useful does not mean it sucks. But I believe the South Park parody covers it well.
Nice try.

SmallEnterprises responds:

I personally I like linux. But my commercial was from Apple's view of the world. They absolutely hate competition. And Linux is obviously one of them.


-_- seriously im latin btw
and u need to practice more spanish if u want to talk properly....
because i didnt understand anyting that u said

SmallEnterprises responds:

I apologize for my bad accent! This is only my second year of spanish. Plus I had to do the commercial realistically. I had a minute of material I needed to squish into 30 seconds.

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Oct 22, 2009
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