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Dream Adventure!

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Using random pixel sprite stuff left over from other projects and randomly stolen from random video games I slapped this together, it is rather unpolished and I apologize for that.

It is also a rather personal animation. I was not going to show it off to the general internet as I thought it was too personal to make sense to most people, but those I did show it too seemed to think it was worth sharing.

Enjoy. Make fun of me. Whatever you want!


I guess it's cool and kind of scary that this is on the front page. It makes me feel naked.

Also, this animation is apparently very much like Braid. An independent experimental video/computer game that is far longer, and far deeper, and far better thought out, then anything I could ever hope to produce. Other than a few frustrating puzzles it is a very good platforming game and it's only five dollars. You should play it.


It did not directly inspire this animation but weather I noticed or not it helped shape it.

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"Dream Adventure!" was one of, if not, my favorite works of art on Newgrounds back in 09'. Because it didn't just speak to me, it was me. Watching it now, I realize it's one of my favorite life experiences. Guess I'm still an idealistic fool, so that's good. Thank you for choosing to share this.

Emptygoddess responds:

Thank you for reminding me why I bother to make this stuff. I owe you.

Yeah, first time I watched this several years ago and I was incredibly angry, but I think I have matured since then, even if just a little bit. This surely sends a strong message and I have to admit that this is rather personal issue for me too. (Ironically, I really like these kinds of videos. Serious, harsh lessons yet artistic).

Emptygoddess responds:

Interesting. Why were you so angry back then?

aw I wasted my life...

Emptygoddess responds:

Haven't we all?

You start with doubt next thing you're living a life where you're only companions are fear and self loathing. Life's a bitch and then you die. Not the most self affirming motto to life but I'd rather face reality than always pretend my princess is in another castle.
Excellent work.
Other than being riddled with meaning, the art is very good. You could go for more frames on the sprites (it's just between janckey and smooth) but what you're using currently is enough to get the point across. Sound design was nice, the music was nothing to complain about and sound effects were authentic.

"I'm sorry. You only get one life and you've wasted yours." Almost poetic.
4.5/5 Because perfection does not exist.

Emptygoddess responds:

Nice of you!

And the teaching of this story is "Don't trust in black people". Jokes aside, that was great, kida creepy but that's just how life is.

Emptygoddess responds:

Well, if you trust black people you'd have to open your heart and let in fear.