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Car Workshop of Harry

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You are playing for Harry who works on modernization and upgrade of old cars.
1.Read the dialog with the girl's wishes for her car upgrade. Select the elements for customization in accordance with the girl's wishes. Each correctly selected element brings you 10% of positive attitude.
2. Test the car on the road. At that, it is important to stay within the speed rage indicated by the white strip on the speedometer. If the speed is outside the range, you lose 5% of positive attitude.
3. Check your results and the girl's response. The level is complete after you gain not less than 70% of positive attitude. Change junk into a cool car!

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musica nota bada kurt cobain 2045

Hey, I rated it the same thing it had!

First, the good points. I admired the sound in this and how it all fit together and how there were certainly a lot of designs and things to choose from. While it is not as popular as something like "Drag Racer" it is actually very detailed in its own right. The weak points were that the gameplay with the actual racing was not done that well. It may have been something that I was just missing, but I did not seem to do much at all, really. I assume that driving over the white line in the MPH thing was wrong.


normal game.

I'm a big fan of these games. Like cars))

I'm a big fan of these games. Like cars))

A cute game

A cute game which beautiful girls participate in, as well as interesting cars.