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The Legend of Z-Ninja EP1

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this game was done when I was a flash noob this is why it's buggy.
but we have plans to remake this game to be even better than project flame, but surly after we finish project flame.
A small hack and slash game where you play as Rin.

I did this game for a contest in some forum, which the deadline was 2 days after I started the work...
the contest was about ninjas.

except the menu art and effects (blood and slashs), all the graphics are done by me which is why it sucks.
Music is by "thatcomposerguy", my favorite composer in NG.

the game is so short due a flash cs3 bug that I thought it was my fault and spent a lot of time trying to debug, solved by recompiling in cs4.

fixed the music bug at the end...
Removed the jump velocity lock ... if this is what was making the spike part hard!


Really enjoyed it!

I thought this was a fairly decent game for being made in 2 days, kinda makes me wish it was a bit longer..

One thing first.. I loved the art, it was beautifully done.

I'll admit the controls for the jumping were a little 'ugh' but after getting used to them it wasn't difficult.. just jump as soon as you land :P

The boss fight though I enjoyed. Having to dash behind after one combo and messing up prettymuch costed you everything I thought it made the challenge fairly decent. Also the limitless lives was nice to.. or I probably would of quit long ago haha.

Hopefully you decide to expand on this game, cause I'll definitely play it if you make another.

Almost more of a story board...

I like it, but it's a skeleton of a game. The animations not so smooth, but even overlooking that... What's the plot? I get a basic idea, but where are the details, the back story even? The controls are a tad sloppy, especially landing a jump; there's a bit of a slide. Not hard to compensate for once you feel it a bit (like by the spike pits), but definitely obvious. Fill it out a bit and smooth out the wrinkles and you'll definitely have something here.

its a work in progress

it needs work but you already but know what you want to do and if the noobs who cant play for crap need to learn the game was easy and the boss was fairly hard but there is a pattern, hint hint to the noobs i just makes me angry that an artist comes in and does a good job for having 2 days of time only to have people who cant play complain i do the same with my map making for CSS if you don't like it don't complain just suggest how to fix it things work out really well after and good luck and i hope you take more time to make the next one

Snakex86 responds:

Thanks for the support man! you said what was on my mind.

its okay

its not a bad game but the controls need to be adjusted a little bit


I really like the gameplay and choice of music, but the graphics do not blend together. The animation... it's decent. On regular enemies, you can turn to the back and on groups of two or more, you'll get hit approximately one time in two ninjas, but the boss ninja seems to know your attacks, even if you go behind them. You should include new combos and specials, including different specials. You should make Rin's katana (or was it meant to be a blade/sword from the start?) match with the character's, otherwise, great and oddly addicting.

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3.26 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2009
11:03 PM EDT
Action - Other