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A holy Conflict

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Author Comments

an allegory of the israeli conflict. religions are people and jerusalem is the house.

Done by

Jethro, Aaron ,Luke and my self

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Sorry, but too simplistic

I happen to live in Jerusalem, and no, I'm not nagging because you insulted my religion or anything like that. I just find it incredible that you honestly believe that YOU, out of the hundreds of politicians, not to mention millions of civilians (both Israeli and Palestinian) who have struggled to resolve the conflict for years now, ONLY YOU have caught on to the solution- we should all share and everything will be OK. I'm assuming you reached this conclusion in one of your many visits to Jerusalem, where you observed first-hand the emotional, religious, and political powder keg that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Of course we all want peace, of course we all realize that some sacrifices will have to be made, but the "share, kiss and make up" solution you present could only be suggested by the kind of over simplified Know-it-all that would represent a terrorist bombing with a brick being thrown through a window! Yes ,it is a touchy subject, not lightly approached, so until you've seen the blown out shell of a restaurant on your way to school, with the glitter of glass and the stain of blood still being cleaned off the sidewalk, how about you deal with problems that you actually know something about? I hope I haven't been to offensive, I don't think you're a jerk or anything, just that what you've presented is like suggesting that the Americans and the Russians during the cold war should have just called it off and had a nice game of cards together. Maybe it would have worked, but it just wasn't going to happen. Suffice it to say this pissed me off enough to open a newgrounds account so I could write this, my first, review. Didn't give you a lower score because my problem is with your premise, not your animation, though, wile we're on the subject, if you're gonna use houses to symbolize cities, the opening scene shouldn't have had Jordan and Syria's names on them, but their capitals (Amman and Damascus, in case you were wondering).

difficult subject matter

I would've just steered clear of it myself, but you handled it well and made an entertaining cartoon. I imagine you upset all camps, which is unavoidable and probably accounts for the lower score. Also you animated this in after effects and that upsets some of the weirdos around here. It definitely deserves at least a 3.65. :)

No one is a strange as we think.

Only reason for the 9 and not the 10 is the animation got sort of blurry at parts.I love how you mixed comedy with some real time issues.Good job!

Not as insightful as it thinks it is.

I just have to weigh in here: Everyone else will probably stroke their chins and murmur 'how profound' at this just like every other insultingly simplistic antiwar parable these days, so I want to be the one dissenter to say no, no it isn't.

With that out of my system, the audio seriously needs work. The volume of the characters' voices is inconsistent, forcing me to crank my volume to hear the sudden quiet parts to a point that the others are obnoxiously loud. The voices are almost always much, much too quiet relative to the volume of the sound effects as well.

Good message

It had a good message but I also liked the humour of Abraham Lincoln appearing. The only thing was that it was a bit quiet at some parts. Overall good. 9/10.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2009
5:36 PM EDT