Rage Of The Dragon II

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Hi Guys this is sequel from Rage Of The Dragon I (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/459557), plz check it...

"Choose one from the 3 dragon and run rampage through europe, play 15 level and upgrade your dragon with special attack to help you bring enemy down"

3 Dragons to choose :

1. y Drai Goch : Fire dragon from welsh.
2. Graiule : Ice dragon.
3. Ouroborosh : Thunder dragon. ( to unlocked this, you must completed the game with other two dragon )

15 Level to GO...included 4 Hidden level ( completed the game with two other dragon to unlock )

Hint :
1.Use q to change quality at Game if your game response too slowly
2.Use tab to change attack
3.do not hurry to destroy all enemies.
4.Use special attack's in a horde of enemies because the special attacks have time to recharge
5. Building HP automatically reduced if attacked by Fire/Thunder Attack , but if you attacked with ice based attack, you must attack repeatedly

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It's a good starting place

Overall, not bad. However, there is some room for improvement. Before I get to that, however, I'd like to say THANK YOU for posting a game the kind of which I either overlooked or have been waiting years to see. What's not to love about dragons burning villages and castles to the ground?!

That having been said, I'd love to see some more... well, MORE. Smoother animation and controls (seems to take five minutes to turn around), more challenging levels that involve more than flying left and right, holding the fire button down (most levels seem to be over in 1-2 passes), giving the dragons more depth (character-wise) and more abilities (like being able to EAT PEOPLE), and the occasional "hero" to battle the dragon. A knight in shining armor, if you will.
Oh, and can we please stop with the houses getting in the way of the attacks? Half the damage I've taken is because I'm hitting the houses instead of the enemies I'm aiming at.
Uh, in case any of that happens in the later levels, I haven't finished playing the game yet. I'm on level 7 or 8 or something like that. I've made it across the sea and burned down a castle. Somewhere around there.

ANYway, good job but please don't stop with this version. Keep making with the fiery destruction, we beg you kind sir: MORE!

I wish you could see my screen right now

I've got ice breath frozen in mid air in all different directions...none of the people are moving or guards trying to kill me...i was able to 'freeze' two houses down before my ice balls began to appear to hang in mid-air and not do any damage. My attacks were firing from random positions on the screen and going in different directions. if i were you i'd put another 50 or so hours into this game then re-release it.

Not even a "good" game...

Hm... too bad... I don't liked the game.
Here the reasons:
-bad controls
-nothing interresting (even in people or in the dragons)
-what is the use of the second bar, down the health bar?
-even the health bar is usefull? Take me 5 or 10 minutes for finishing the game... no difficulty ("do not hurry to destroy all enemies"... now I know why...)
-special moves... only the last ones are really good? the other is for invincible time?
-fire dragon: not even 1 minute for destroying everything... ice dragon: certainly 30 seconds for only one house... (do you like it fastly burned or slowly cooled down?)

No seriously... it's maybe a game, but it can't be a good game. They're some things (maybe lots? I don't know...) who needs to be improved...

3/10... only for having made something, and the upgrade system... and when I see your previous games, prove (maybe?) that you wanna do something.

(be glad that i don't give you a 1/10... the first rating I wanted to give to your game)

But even with this, you can maybe make a good work in the futur... maybe... (I really love the "maybe" word... maybe. I must be sick... X_x )

A decent start, buuut...

Okay, first the good, I love the idea behind the game, I mean, controlling a badass dragon, blasting stuff with your fire/ice breath, awesome concept!

The graphics were pretty good, especially on the dragons, the looked good and were animated well.

Bad: As others have said, the control is clunky, and the game is prone to lag a lot. Also it takes FOREVER to destroy a single house, on the FIRST mission. I mean, come on, these are supposed to be poorly constructed peasant's huts. I could understand if I were attacking a fortress, but they should have collapsed a lot earlier. I held down the mouse button for about a full MINUTE and they still haven't broken. Either the hit detection is off, or these houses are just ridiculously powerful.

Also, the game is a bit on the buggy said. I scrolled back to the two houses in the beginning of the first mission with the ice dragon, firing my breath at them, and the breath went right THROUGH the houses. I guess now, as far as I can tell, there's pretty much no way for me to beat the game.

Anyway, like I said, I think it's a great concept, and with a bit of work could be an awesome game!


PROS: The idea of the game is okay ,everybody loves dragons, destroying things is fun,watching people on fire is fun.

Cons: Graphics,Controls,sound,movement of characters

I think if you went back and fixed the controls and the graphics this game would ROCK. I'm not saying give up on this game . I'm saying just fix a few things and resubmit this game ... I know its hard to make a game. Good Luck!!

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2.11 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2009
10:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight