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October 31st Turn Point

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Author Comments

For those of you who wonder how is this Halloween related, well the first part will tell you everything. Watch the first 2 before this one, don't pay attention to the quality though, they are older versions.

After a long wait, this animation is finally done. I had some set backs that kept me from submitting this Halloween 2008, and I only wanted to submit this on Halloween, so I waited a whole year so I could submit it Halloween 2009. Well not really, I couldn't wait so I submitted this a little earlier. Hopefully my voice actors aren't disappointed, I just thought I could finish this in one month while also going to school, but I was wrong. At least I did finish it, but that's only because I wanted to end this series so I can concentrate on other projects like my long awaited JUMPING CIRCLE 5 and SUFFER TO LIVE games. I originally wasn't going to add the hair but I had lots of time, so I did do it... and because it would be really hard to tell who's who, with them all being blue and all. So get ready for lots of action, way more action than the previous parts combined, and it's also the longest animation I have EVER done up to date. This animation is a little over 7 minutes, so make sure you have the time to watch.

This animation takes place one year after the 2nd part. The story is basically that the kid that was in part 2 was actually infected, he then went zombie and infected almost everyone left alive. Five officers make it out and re-locate, but are fooled to think that they could out maneuver the dead.

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Pretty good

I really liked this animations, except for a few things that bugged me, first off, the girl she seemed to happy when she talked... And the fact that it did not show any of them reloading, they almost fired the guns the whole time but never reloaded... And one of the zombies was climbing a ladder and was shot in the fore head, it would have been impossible to shoot the zombie in that area

Other then those three minor things, it was pretty good, if those were fixed I would give a 9/10, but for now you get a 8/10

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Yeah i kinda made it seem like they were reloading when the camera was on something else, but yeah the viewer needs to see them reload. And its not impossible for the zombie to get shot in the forehead, he was looking up afterall.

Great Zombie Flash

There's not too too many serious zombie flashes out there, and this one was a great addition.

I'm quite glad you added the hair, not only does it help keep the characters apart, but also adds some personality to them as well, so good decision on that. The voice actors were a nice touch, rather than what I usually see (subtitles or Microsoft Sam). Though they weren't the best I've ever heard, they were still miles above some voice actors I've heard and not having any at all.

Other sound effects were quite well done as well, and the music suited it well.

Animation was nice and smooth, and nothing seemed really out of place at all. It would have been a nice touch to add some vests or something to the officers to make it a little more real, but they are stick figures. Still, I think you could have expanded the stick figure genre a bit with vests or some such.

Guns were well drawn, nothing to saw there.

The red zombies intrigued me, too bad you never explained them at all.

All in all. Good flash. Thanks for sharing.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Thanks. The red zombies have like an extra life. Shooting them in the head isnt gonna make them die, they just turn into a regular slow moving zombie. But alot of shots to the body you can still kill it but it will take alot but they wont turn green unless you shoot in the head.

great!! :)

i loved the fluent movment in the stick figures the voice acting and the gore its a great flash one of my favourite stick flashes thats for sure. !!!!!!!!! :)

joshuaskillsrobles responds:



it had a thrill a resident evil feel and alot of action it has a high quality of voice acting and it has an awesome plot make asnother

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Sorry man, but this was the last to the series. Maybe later down the road i will switch to human figures.

Worth the wait

Wow. I recorded my lines for this at least a year ago lol. It was definitely worth the wait though. Some pretty badass voices too. I'm giving it a 9 though because I'm being a little critical with the voices. The first one you hear is a great voice and all, but to me, the accent, delivery, and general "forced" sound kind of took away from the experience. But other than that moment, everyone was great (including the guy I mentioned, I was just referring to that specific part of the animation.) It was really fun to watch.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Thanks, im glad it turned out ok for you to. But the next time, i will need people with really good mics.

Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2009
8:54 AM EDT