Twelve Inchers

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Two boys enjoy 12 inchers.

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I knew it right away

While the joke was executed pretty well, I think the weak point was that I just knew what it was going to be already. The animation could also use some work. BTW, there is no way that both of those guys have 12 inch penises. The average penis is only 6 inches long so it would have made more sense if he had taken down a 6 inch long Subway sandwich. Man, that reminds me of how much I like Subway too, and I wish I had a friend to go with. Well, not a friend of that kind if you know what I mean.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

But they're cartoon people :) The average dick size for a cartoon character is 12 inches :)



I cried

I really did.

:O lol

Saw it cumming by the name but subway is so fucken delicious