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3rd Grade Transformers

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Mrs. Terwilliger's 3rd Grade class always puts on famous plays at Cleveland Elementary. This year they've decided to perform their interpretation of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Although they do take some... artistic liberties.



First: Egoraptor, you definetly have a good voice for this kind of work, its the emotion you put in your lines and how you say them that makes your videos halarious. This video was no exception to what I've stated.

Second: The way you create your environments for your videos greatly show random and FUNNY things. For example the optimus prime kid vomiting at the end of the video made me laugh so hard I couldn't stop. I love funny and random its the only thing that CAN make me laugh and your videos grant me just that.

Third: The reason why this has high ratings is because you give us just that, high quality entertainment. Your fanboys (and girls) love you because you make awesome stuff... why else would they keep coming back for more? Also if anyone wants to see MORE FUNNY stuff they should totally check out your userpage.

Thank you for making me laugh, I look forward to your next video and keep up the AWESOME work!

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Optapotamus FTW


I loved the voice work!

"It's Kindergarden not College"

Son will you go to college so I can fuck up your mom? Dogs quit doing those wierd things... yeah.

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Egoraptor + HappyHarry = Win.

OK, so Revenge of the Fallen is an easy movie to make fun of, yet it takes a genius to make the jokes genuinely funny. Here, we have 2 geniuses, so the results, while insanely stupid as usual, are brilliantly crafted and well executed. Maybe Michael Bay can learn a thing or two from this flash as well. ^_^

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Oct 20, 2009
1:36 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody