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Hallowed Hunter 2

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Ok, so this is Hallowed Hunter 2. I guarantee you will enjoy it if you could at least stomach the first Hallowed Hunter.

Added Features:
3)Realistic Reload
5)Realistic Zombies
8)Better Music
9)Better Background
10)A lot more that I cant remember, play the game

See instructions menu in game.

for the least amount of lag set flash storage to unlimited, and also change the following settings
1)Fog: Off
2)Blood: A little
3)Quality: Low


*EDIT* OH NOOO! The music got messed up when I uploaded it. Shoulb be fixed now. Sorry

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it was fun for the first couple of waves, but then it got old. try adding some different enemies or something.

does it make any

sense to have skeletons bleed when they get shot? Zombies, yeah, but skeletons?

I don't know... it's your game though dude.

I thought it was very well done although it could defintely use several improvbements. For instance, that graphic animation of the gun reloading, that is slow and annoying... the first time it came up was ok because I liked wtahcing the animation but after that it cbecame just a pain in the ass, worse than this coconut I got up my butt... I liked that you give plenty of ammo though.

Maybe some more enemies, the standard upgrade features most of these games have, etc.

it has potential

like others may have stated, this game is alright but to make it a great game there are some needed improvements. 1st: more gun choices would make it much more addictive. 2nd: weapon upgrades make the game feel more in depth and challenging especially because if you put weapon upgrades in with more weaponds (ie:automatic guns) then you can greatly increase the difficulty from where it stands.3rd: these are just kind of random suggestions, but character upgrades would be nice, such as faster reload speed or things like penatrating bullets where you can damage the enemy from body shots more, that way it doesnt have to be a head shot. also upgrades to take less damage or something similar could help. this point has been talked about but cant be stressed enough, if you want your game to be new and exciting, you must add variety. such as more types of zombies...fast zombies, crawlers, big zombies, zombies with projectiles. that kind of stuff.also the death definatly need some spice. maybe some head exploding. and if you put more guns or gun upgrades in then you absolutly must have more zombie deaths available. like limb loss, chest cavity bursting, just use your imagination there. maybe some good zombie audio couldnt hurt as well. like a variety of moans or growls ect. well im sure there are other point i could touch on but for now thats what i got for you. and if you take some of these point to heart in your next version, you will definatly have an excellent game, maybe even worthy of frontpage!

not too shabby

Pretty solid shooter... with some improvements, it could be really good.
PROS: I liked the animation, especially the reload animation.
It managed to be simple but fun at the same time
The achievements were fun to try and get

Cons: Would have liked to see at least 1 gun upgrade of some kind
It would be a bit more enjoyable if shooting the zombies in the chest/arms/etc had different effects
Maybe a bit more enemy variance? not asking for much, just maybe a flying kind, or maybe some kind that instead of throwing projectiles that you can shoot down, they charge up and fire something that can't be blocked (so you have to kill them quickly).

Anyway, like i said before, I enjoyed playing it. Well done.

Fun, everything blends smoothly

I thought your game was decent, I liked the halloween themed feel to it and thought all the aspects of the game blended together based on that theme, which is very important in games. The death system for the skeletons could have been a little more vibrant though, having them die in all sorts of random ways. Also, I found myself clicking the coffin a lot attempting to get the skeleton out, perhaps it could open when you shoot it. I think that you should encourage players to shoot the falling heads of skeletons more by giving more benefits such as a small amount of $. It just furthers the game's depth and addiction. The achievements are a little silly, I doubt anybody is going to click the achievements panel lol, but I don't mind it.

Overall I thought it was well designed, and a little more content would have had a great impact on the uniqueness, and added more pizazz to the gameplay. Keep improving (quality > quantity!)

- Stephen :)

Zoranan responds:

Thanks for the review, very detailed unlike some people. Maybe I could so something where the heads give you a tiny bit of health? im not sure, ill figure it out though. Thanks again