the truth about jigsaw

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a shoort flash about jigsaws sad life using this art from the portal
check it out
http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/rtil/night-city
these are not my voice in the movie try to live through them
my laptops headset mic had broken so i had to use the built in one that's reason for some of the voices being loud and sum quiet
i am aware that that is just the puppet that's the joke

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Yep, that's Saw for ya.

The parody jokes in this were dead on. You basically managed to capture the essence of Saw in about 2 minutes. The only grobble I have about this is that the audio was really hard to understand. Other than that, I liked it.

Fuck the guy bellow (WCCC)

Ok, first COOLIO.
Second what does that span ner think hes doing... Givin' a three you SUCK WCCC.
Go................... KIRAN! ,Josh


Animation was kinda rough, sound quality was really bad, very quiet, too. And that was jigsaw's puppet, not the actual jigsaw, the jokes weren't really that good, and it's a taperecorder, not a telephone. very nonsensical all in all and i usually enjoy that, but somehow didn't this time.


loool i like it the jokes were quite good =D

i didn't like it

bad stuff:not funny
that was his puppet not him
a tape recorder doesn't know what your saying
your voice is hard to understand
your sound equipment sucks(might just be your voice[or the microphone{maby you are talking to farr away?}])
your people in the first part suck

good stuff: people in the second part are good everything else looks good

get a new recording program
try to make your voice more understandable
make subtitles for everything not just jigsaw
how about him talking with a intercom or something or a computer but not a tape recorder
change it to "the truth about jigsaw"
use the same animation in the first part as in the second part

kiranup responds:

thanks for the advise i'll try to inprove. i'm gonna try and get a new mic
i know that's the puppet and the tape-recorder can't hear him i did that on purpose

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Oct 19, 2009
11:04 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody