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Tetris: the flash version

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Wow I made this when I was 12. What an asshole I was.

okay this is just supposed to be tetris. nothing else. at all. so stop complaining about it. just supposed to be a tetris remake =) thanks
BIG update. thanks for all the comments and support.
this is my tetris remake. thanks for playing. controls: click to start, p to pause, left and right arrow keys to move, down arrow key to speed up, up arrow key to rotate.

constructive critisism is welcomed.

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Pretty mediocre

I have been as much of a fan of Tetris as the next guy, so this was at least loyal the style. My biggest complaint is that some of the graphics are a little cheesy. It was not that original, but I can not blame you for wanting to imitate such a popular game. It was cool how you had in all the original music, especially how it really got good after awhile. I suggest that you work more with Flash and use some better effects. It is not terrible, but with something as legendary as Tetris, it does need some work.

Tetris remake

its an ok remake of tetris

colbzter responds:


All good except.....

Would have been nice to add the next piece function. Other then that it was good work.

colbzter responds:

ya im trying to work that out. but probably wont for a while because im working on a different game.

a little unoriginal

I mean that you didn't really do anything other than make a tetris game. There was not a wow factor other than the fact that it was tetris. Plus, I think the blocks were moving to fast. Also, usually the blocks get faster as the levels progress. So, these are some suggestions, but by no means was it bad. There just wasn't anything great either.

sorry my friend :(

this is too commen but the only real problem i had with the game is that i couldnt tell what block was coming next and it felt like i was playing x3 speed :/ work on that and maybe it would of been better and called one of your greatest work's EVER!!!!!

colbzter responds:

okay, you say theres only one problem then you give it a 3?