Grit 2

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yay 1000 views :) thanks you guys

A cool racing game the revamped version of grit whch sadly was blammed...
controls arrow keys
please post you're lap scor eand you're total score,
i'd likle to know and i'll post the highest score in the description and the username

1:13 Total Time
06.08 Best Lap

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Seriously. This is the sort of reason that we have to dig through all the crap on Newgrounds.

It's not even bad in the funny sense, like an intentionally bad game. This is VERY bad, and it's being serious in thinking it's even ADEQUATE.

The graphics are possibly the only part that are even passing. It looks relatively nice, even if the colour palette is just brown, with the car being blue. It needs more variation. Now, i'm not an artist, but a lack of variety in the graphics can make a good game less enjoyable, and a bad game more laughable, like this one.

The physics appear good, but the cornering is a bitch to attempt, and you really need to revamp everything.

No sound, no music, no atmosphere, no point, and no FUN.

Take some time to learn how to use Flash, take lessons from how GOOD games work, and quit submitting your TERRIBLE games to Newgrounds. They may pass the portal, but they're worse than most of what's been Blammed so far.

Also, work on your grammar.

CRISISgames responds:

hey thanks
also this is my first game so yeah, i do know it sucks though, i kinda like it i dont really use this account anymore, im working on an ACTUALLY good game now and im gonna submit it on my REAL account, ive been working on it with my friend for like 3 months now, we got a usb tablet for art and all its a big game and we hope to be done by the end of summer so check it out, my new account is Mac-Forbes, and the other is

o.o;; aiy aiy aiy...

First off,

I give you such a good score, because it reminds me of the classic games I use to play in the Arcade they took down near my house, simple, but still challenging.
Next, it is good for your first flash, just add some music, Like Techno or something :D (Trance would be better >.> Personal opinion...) and last... take that guy of the high score under your description... it is impossible to get a score that high without cutting through the track half way :P (The corner next to the finish line) :o other than that... Thanks for the Childhood memories!

It's good but,

It's good, but it's not a full flash. It just seems to be a tech demo. There's some good feeling physics for this but you should really develop it into a full game, then it'd be pretty darn good. As it is, though, it just feels incomplete, so you get a 4 from me. I'd suggest adding a lot more to the game, and then resubmitting it; if you do that you'll probably get some good scores!

How'd this make it through the portal?

C'mon! There's no competitive racing, no car/course selection, it's just a small circuit, and the art, animation, and concept are by no means impressive or original. It's like anything will qualify to make it through the portal these days.

CRISISgames responds:

ok i can take a bad score but screw you was yur first flash good, no didn't think so!


1:13 Total Time
06.08 Best Lap

Yes, I ran in circles at the starting line lol.
I liked the traction system you employed here, but the game had no preloader, menu, nor multiple levels or opponents... If you added these things this would be a game worth appreciating :-D
At this point it feels more like a beta or alpha test rather than a game.

CRISISgames responds:

Yay new high score i just added yur name to the description congradulations :)

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Oct 18, 2009
3:30 PM EDT
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