AllStar Sprite Battle

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this is another old one. made slightly before my fist submission. I didint know how to extract sprites properly for this XD but it's still relly cool to watch. decent.

also LOL: my 46x46 icon has nothing to do with the flash, i dont know how to make my own.


Not much to it.

A sprite movie does not have to be good as long as there is fighting going on, but this is too simple.

By simply adding sounds, some music and a background this would be ok, though it is too short, and you should either have attemped to add humor all through it all instead of only having it in part 2 or have no text at all since it wasn't funny.


The key to a good sprite flash is the ability to add to the sprites by using some of your own skills as an artist. The movements of the sprites were rigid at best. The artist added portions were, well, just lines of color spewing forth. A background of black indicates a lack of care for what they eyes think, and yes - your eyes "think." Called visually appealing.

From a standpoint of a submission being Newgrounds worthy, this is not. 0/5 and 0/10. All I see here is a bunch of sprites you downloaded and made "dance" on your program. Toss in a few overly large brushes of color as "beams" and some horrible text and we get what we see here today.

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The sprites were good, but not very well-animated. The added drawings were very bad. Lacks a story and sense. There's absolutely no background. However, The idea is great and you definitely should improve it. You say it's one of your old ones, but I'm sure that, if re-made, could go high.

needs ALOT OF WORK!!!!

This sprite battle has alot to be done first off you need to add more motion secondly needs sound effects if you dont know how to do something or where to get something thats why Newgrounds has forums use them!!lastly you need to work on your gore its was pretty cheesy and u need some sort of backround or atleast explain on why there fighting in a pitch black area..and you should look into to explain why these charecters are interacting with each other and why they want to fight each other.

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Oct 18, 2009
3:27 PM EDT